100 days shopping ban

(ENG+ ITA) At the beginning of this week (Monday, 16th June) I started a 100 days shopping ban. I had this idea in mind for a while and felt like I could finally take up the challenge. I am usually someone who is carefully spending my money: I don’t shop a lot, I live consciously and purposely, always trying to save for things that matter and avoid useless waste of money and resources.

But nobody is perfect (and perfect is boring anyway, right?) and I wanted to see how much I can actually save during this 3+ months period. The purpose of the challenge is to prep myself for future plans and projects I have for next year, to make my lifestyle even more intentional and frugal and see how far I can actually come.

I am going to be honest with you: the first half of this year wasn’t the greatest, if I have to speak from a very personal and introspective point of view. Don’t get me wrong, overall things have been great so far (I’ve travelled to 4 different places already and planned an amazing trip in October to Bali, I went to concerts, met people. I like my life, but there is one thing I am still struggling a lot with. For the past few months I felt stressed, unmotivated, unable to grasp the simple joys and hold onto them when things were getting tough, and definitely have been lacking on self care. But I am determined to turn the current situation into a positive one and to actually start channelling my energies and thoughts into the positive things that happen everyday and, more importantly, into all the positive things that are going to happen. And this challenge is going to help me achieve just that.

So here are the rules I’ve set for this shopping ban:

  • duration: 16th June – 23rd September (why 100 days? I don’t know, but the number sounded just right 🙂 )
  • no clothes, shoes or accessories (underwear not included, as it is something I do absolutely need and that I am currently replacing. I am getting rid of my old and slightly embarrassingly worn out pieces and replacing them with fewer but better quality items from Organic Basics)
  • no sweets, candies, junk food, unnecessary and unhealthy sugars (eventually only one treat once a week allowed). This is going to be a quite hard one for me to accomplish, as I am well known for having a sweet tooth, but hey, that’s what challenges are for.
  • no new things of any sort (both bought new and/or bought second hand) unless something is broken and cannot be fixed
  • no breakfast/lunch/dinner out (coffee or drinks with friends are allowed, both in actual cafes/bars or in a more frugal/hygge version, if meet ups happen at home or if drinks are brought from home on the go). If a meal out happens, I’ll make sure that is a special or particular occasion and I’ll make it even more special by not touching my phone at all and completely absorbing the moment, the meal and the company of the people I’m sharing my meal with)
  • edibles and consumables (food, toiletries and cosmetics, etc.) are allowed as they are items I consume regularly and I need them to thrive, of course.

That’s all. Nothing fancy, but I love the idea of being able to board in this small but new, exciting journey.

Have you ever been on a shopping ban? What was it like? Curious to hear your thoughts and feedbacks!



All’inizio di questa settimana (Lunedì 16 Giugno) ho iniziato un divieto di shopping di 100 giorni. Avevo quest’idea in mente da un po’ ed ho finalmente sentito che era il momento giusto per iniziare questa piccola sfida. Solitamente sono una persona attenta a come spendo i miei soldi: non faccio molto shopping, cerco di vivere in maniera coscienziosa e con intenzionalità, sempre cercando di risparmiare per ciò che conta davvero ed evitare così inutili sprechi di denaro e di risorse. 

Ma nessuno è perfetto (e comunque la perfezione è noiosa, non trovate?) e volevo vedere quanto posso effettivamente risparmiare durante questo periodo di 3 mesi abbondanti. Lo scopo di questo divieto di shopping è prepararmi a progetti futuri che ho pensato per l’anno prossimo. per rendere il mio stile di vita ancora più intenzionale e frugale e vedere quanto in là posso spingermi. 

Sarò sincera con voi: la prima metà di quest’anno non è stata proprio grandiosa dal punto di vista strettamente personale ed introspettivo. Non fraintendetemi, in generale le cose sono andate bene finora: ho viaggiato in quattro destinazioni diverse e progettato un fantastico viaggio a Bali per il prossimo Ottobre, sono andata a dei concerti, incontrato e conosciuto persone. Mi piace la mia vita, ma c’è qualcosa di essa che mi disturba parecchio al momento e che mi crea difficoltà. In questi ultimi mesi mi sono sentita stressata, molto poco motivata, incapace di afferrare quelle piccole cose semplici di ogni giorno e tenerle strette a me quando sentivo che le cose si facevano difficili, e decisamente negligente nel prendermi cura di me. Ma sono determinata a voler rendere l’attuale situazione più positiva ed iniziare ad incanalare le mie energie ed i miei pensieri nelle piccole cose semplici e belle di ogni giorno e, soprattutto, anche in quelle emozionanti e fantastiche che mi aspettano. E sento che questa sfida mi aiuterà a fare proprio questo.

Ecco le regole che ho creato per questo divieto di shopping di 100 giorni: 

  • durata: 16 Giugno – 23 Settembre (perché proprio 100 giorni? Perché il numero suonava proprio bene secondo me 🙂 )
  • no abiti, scarpe, accessori (intimo non incluso, poiché si tratta di qualcosa di cui ho affettivamente ed assolutamente bisogno e che sto attualmente e poco a poco rimpiazzando. Mi sto liberando delle mio intimo vecchio ed ormai liso e sostituendo il tutto con meno pezzi ma di migliore qualità del marchio Organic Basics,).
  • niente dolci, caramelle, cibo spazzatura, zuccheri non necessari e non sani (eventualmente un solo “sgarro” una volta a settimana). Questo sarà forse un po’ difficile da portare avanti per me, poiché sono decisamente una golosa di prim’ordine ma hey, è a questo che servono le sfide. 
  • niente di nuovo di nessun genere (sia effettivamente nuovo sia di seconda mano), a meno che non si tratti di qualcosa che è rotto o danneggiato e che non può essere riparato
  • no colazione/pranzo/cena fuori (caffè o drink con gli amici sono permessi, sia in dei locali sia inteso in modo più frugale ed “hygge”, se gli incontri sono organizzati a casa o se i drink sono portati da casa). Se capita di fare un pasto fuori casa, farò in modo di renderlo speciale evitando di usare il mio telefono per tutta la durata del pasto e lasciandomi del tutto assorbire dal momento, dal cibo e dalla compagnia delle persone con cui mi trovo.
  • prodotti commestibili o che si consumano quotidianamente/regolarmente per garantire la cura della mia persona sono ovviamente necessari e quindi non inclusi nel divieto di shopping.  

Tutto qua. Nulla di particolare, ma mi piace molto l’idea di poter cominciare questa piccola ma nuova e spero emozionante esperienza. 

Voi avete mai colto la sfida di un divieto di shopping? Come è stato? Sono curiosa di sentire i vostri pensieri a riguardo!





  1. Crystle
    June 25, 2018 / 17:57

    I’ve never tried a shopping ban, mainly because they intimidate me. I feel like if I tell myself “no, you can’t have what you want” I’ll rebel against myself and buy much more than I would have otherwise.

    Still, I need to get a handle on my finances. I’m trying to change my mindset from “I have to save money” to “I want to save money” by experimenting with paying myself last.

    So many people say you need to pay yourself first and put it in a savings account, but when I do that I end up dipping into it each month anyway. I want to pay myself last so I can break that bad habit, and focus on the money I could be saving when I look at my budget and expenses.

    I don’t know if that made any sense. I hope it did though.

    Also, I can’t wait to see how your shopping ban affects you. I hope it is in a positive way 🙂

    • June 27, 2018 / 14:42

      Hi Crystle! Yes I’ll post updates for sure along the way.
      It’s the first time for me trying something like this so I can’t really tell how it is or feels like already, but I can tell you that moving your focus from ‘I have to’ to ‘I want to’ is already a great start. Think of everything you’ll be able to make with that saved money and you’ll get enough motivation! 😊 Also, I recommend making a monthly budget to make sure that every single penny you earn is assigned to a purpose or category. In this way your expenses will be more mindful and not all over the place.
      I hope this helps!! 🤗

  2. Mirka
    June 25, 2018 / 21:37

    Wow, Jenny, wish you all the luck on the journey. I was making a tree month shoppin ban last year, but only on the clothes and it was perfect. Can we looking forward on the another article about this ban, how are you doing and so?

    • June 27, 2018 / 14:36

      Hi Mirka!! Thank you so much for the support 🤗 it’s the first time for me that I try something like this, so I’m excited to see how it goes. Glad to hear that it worked well for you when you did it!! Yes sure, I’ll be definitely posting updates!! 😊

  3. theminiamlistninja
    September 20, 2018 / 17:17

    I am thinking of doing a shopping ban myself. I just read “the year of less” and remembered that you did a video about sharing your experience with a shopping ban earlier this year. I am thinking of starting mine next month or so. I still have to figure out how to go about it and what rules to set. Although I am traveling now I won’t be 6 months from now and I need to incorporate that change into the ban. Although I am usually fairly intentional with my spending I LOVE the idea of a shopping ban. I’d love to see how far I can take it and if there’s any difference to my usual spending. Thank you for the inspiration Jenny!! 🙂

    • September 23, 2018 / 14:49

      it sounds awesome Nina!! It was my first time ever, but will definitely make it again anytime soon (thinking about starting another one in January and make it last 6 months or so). It is so beneficial, you’ll love it!! We can be the most intentional and careful consumers, but there is always something that we can put on hold for a while to reach a specific financial goal, save enough for a planned expense or challenge ourselves. I’d love to hear when you officially start it, keep me updated!! 🙂

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