Zero Waste doesn’t mean perfection. But can you pledge to go plastic free this month?

(ENG only) I went zero waste shopping the other day. In a matter of a few minutes, somehow I managed to spill quite a bit of almond butter on the floor while filling my container and to spill some of the lentils I had just bought while putting them in my bag after paying. I felt embarrassed af, every customer in the store was looking at me (luckily there weren’t many) and the woman laughing behind me at the cash register didn’t really help. Yes, sometimes the forces of the universe converge to create the clumsiest version of me. What I could do was apologizing and offering to pay an extra for the almond butter I spilled (the shop assistant was so cool, he didn’t even let me pay extra) and, of course, remind myself to be more careful next time (or maybe avoid to go bulk shopping right after work 😂).

When I started to live a zero waste lifestyle, I knew failures could eventually happen. The thought itself of that “zero” was making me feel small and powerless. I was frustrated if I didn’t manage to achieve what I was considering perfection. And everything that I was seeing on social media did inspire me to do better but sometimes, at the same time, put me down because I was constantly comparing myself to others and I wasn’t even close to what I was seeing from people’s posts all the time.

Why did I share the embarrassing story of my clumsiness? I swear I have a point. And that point is: there will be days in which I won’t be prepared enough, I won’t refuse disposables in time, I will produce more waste than expected or hoped, or I will eventually spill or drop something while shopping (ok this one hopefully not, it was way too embarrassing 😂). The point of zero waste is not being perfect or looking perfect in front of other people’s eyes, but to do whatever we can at the best of our possibilities (I am perfectly aware of the fact that not everyone has the privilege to live in a city very zero waste friendly like Berlin) to show respect and care for the planet, because hey our Earth deserves it!

With this spirit I want to encourage you to join Plastic Free July. Can you try to fight single use plastic for the entire month? 💚

Remember that it’s not about being perfect but showing that we care about and respect our planet. You can start small by simply refusing the most common sources of plastic pollution (straws, bottles, bags, to-go coffee cups). And try to get other people involved. Small simple actions can bring amazing results, and the more we are, the better.

Let me know if you’re joining the challenge!!




  1. I will be joining! I’ve wanted to do this for some time but I can’t figure out how to start, so this is perfect! There is a wegman’s in Cary that I can take containers to. This was the push I needed! And now I want almond butter too.


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