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(ENG + ITA) I am turning 33 in two days. Every time September approaches, there is this bittersweet feeling coming along: knowing that summer is over or almost over, everyone going back to school or to work after the summer break and me, inevitably facing the fact that another year of life has gone by and a new one is about to begin. I always make a sort of mental assessment and take stock of my own life and especially the last year: what I have done successfully, what I haven’t done or failed at, what I could have done, how many plans and projects I had on my wish list I was able to check off.

This year is going to be a bit different. I am already in a hot spot right now and the last thing I wanna do is keep on feeling this miserable. I want to try to break this anxiety/depression/insomnia start circle and start small by making my birthday week a self care week. I have already taken a big step towards self care and healing (more on this soon) and I realized how every small bit counts when it comes to physical and mental well being. So I am committing to do small daily “chores” for myself as act of self love and self care for the entire week (I have already started on Monday). I will do yoga for at least 15 minutes every day and I will dedicate 5 minutes to my skin care every night before going to bed. No rush, no “I don’t have time for this today, I can do it tomorrow”, no neglecting because it doesn’t feel that important compared to other stuff and to-dos. It shouldn’t be this complicated to commit to myself for 20 minutes each day of this week. It might turn out that I actually like it and start making a habit out of it, and more importantly that I start making myself a priority on a regular basis.

I guess there is only one way to find out.





Compio 33 anni dopodomani. Ogni volta che arriva Settembre, c’è una sorta di sapore dolce-amaro che lo accompagna: sapere che l’estate è finita o quasi, tutti che tornano a scuola o al lavoro dopo le ferie estive ed io, che inevitabilmente mi ritrovo a fare i conti con un anno che è passato ed uno che sta per cominciare e faccio una sorta di bilancio mentale: che cosa ho portato a termine con successo, che cosa non ho fatto o non sono riuscita a completare o portare avanti come volevo, cosa avrei potuto fare, cosa, tra progetti e piani fatti, sono stata in grado di spuntare dalla mia lista dei desideri. 

Quest’anno sarà diverso. Mi trovo già ad affrontare un momento molto difficile e l’ultima cosa che voglio fare è continuare a sentirmi uno schifo. Voglio cercare di rompere questo cerchio di ansia/depressione/insonnia e partire da piccole cose, come quella di rendere la settimana del mio compleanno una settimana dedicata al prendermi cura di me. Ho già fatto un grande passo verso la cura di me e la guarigione (presto ve ne parlerò) e mi sto rendendo conto di quanto ogni più piccolo gesto conti quando si tratta del proprio benessere fisico e mentale. Perciò mi impegno a “fare i compiti” come atto di amore e cura verso me stessa per tutta la settimana (ho già iniziato Lunedì). Farò yoga per almeno 15 minuti al giorno, tutti i giorni e dedicherò 5 minuti alla cura del mio viso ogni sera prima di andare a dormire. Nessuna fretta, nessun “oggi non ho tempo, lo farò domani”, nessun rimandare o lasciar perdere perché ci sono altre cose più importanti da fare. Non dovrebbe essere così difficile dedicare 20 minuti a me stessa ogni giorno per l’intera settimana. Magari scopro che mi piace e comincio a rendere la cura di me un abitudine, e soprattutto che comincio a fare di me stessa una priorità. 

C’è solo un modo per scoprirlo.





  1. Diane
    September 5, 2018 / 09:25

    You an amazing person Jenny, I love your blogs.I love September as I love Autumn,though when I was a teacher I didn’t like the fact that it was the end of school holidays and back to work!I think it’s good to make your birthday present to you, self care.It’s important to look after after yourself and be your own best friend.I think that is one of the biggest lessons I have learned in life. Autumn is a good time for hygge which helps me a lot
    .I already have my woolly socks on around the house here in England!
    .I am double your age (66) and a grandmother, but self care help (and the grandchildren) help you to stay

    • September 6, 2018 / 16:29

      Hi Diane! Thank you so much for the sweet kind words! Taking care of ourselves and loving ourselves can be the toughest challenge… but it is necessary for us to thrive and I am determined to finally make it a priority. Wish you all the best and a very happy hyggelig autumn 🍂 xoxo

  2. S
    September 5, 2018 / 14:16

    Hi Jen, I turned 33 two days ago. Self care sounds like a good plan to destress!

  3. Gillian
    September 23, 2018 / 10:55

    Hi there! I just read your blog. I share your struggles with ‘breaking that cycle’ – it’s a bummer isn’t it? But it sounds like a great plan that you have, and sometimes i find that even the very process of making a plan, can be a mood-booster. Happy birthday!

    • September 23, 2018 / 14:52

      Thank you!! 🙂 yes, definitely having a plan can make us feel good already.. it is not always that simple sticking to it, but practice makes perfect right? 🙂 have a lovely day!!

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