My autumn/winter wish list

(ENG only) Apparently, fall is officially here. A part of me was secretly looking forward to be covered in warm layers… there`s something extremely magical in wrapping a scarf around your neck for the first time after the summer is officially gone… Well, during these past few weeks as I was starting to rearrange my wardrobe and prepare myself for fall, I couldn`t help but noticing some gaps and realizing that I need to update my wardrobe. I don`t own a lot of clothes in the first place and some of my fall/winter pieces are either too worn out already or fairly old, and in both cases I know they won`t be holding up to 6+ months of frequent wears and washes. So. My intention is to keep on building a more curated wardrobe, a wardrobe I can express my style with but also, and more importantly, I can be happy about because it`s made of good quality pieces that will last, regardless if they are second hand or new. I think I did a good job so far, but changes are necessary at this point.

I know what you`re probably thinking.

You: But Jen, didn`t you just ended a shopping ban?

Me: Yes, I did indeedy!

You: But what`s the point of doing a shopping ban if you start spending money as soon as it ends?

Me: Good question.

You see, partly this is true. Committing to a shopping ban, making it until the end and then start spending right after the ban is over doesn`t seem to make a lot of sense. But one of the main goals of a shopping ban is exactly to become more conscious about our needs. And in my personal case, one of the aims of these 100 days without shopping anything (unless it was something broken or damaged that couldn`t be fixed, a.k.a. our old bed sheets and a some good quality knives to prep food with), was to save enough money to better support financially my projects, life changes and needs. And my small wardrobe has the incredible power of start needing quite urgent replacements mainly all at once. And this is what is currently happening of course πŸ˜‚.Β  So, long story short: I`ve put together a list of things I will invest in in the next few weeks or months, so I can give you a glimpse in my future expenses.

  • 2 pairs of jeans. I currently own only 2 pair of jeans (a black high rise, skinny one and a high rise light wash one, both from American Apparel). I literally wore the crap out of them and I definitely went way beyond the 30 wears with them. I`ve got them repaired already, but they are starting to wear out in the inner thigh to a point that no further repair can be possible… so a replacement is way needed, since I live in my jeans and know that a basic pair in a couple of colors will serve me many purposes and occasions. This is the vibe I am going for to replace them (this will definitely be the most expensive purchase of all, as I almost never find jeans or pants that fit me well second hand).

Authentic Stretch High-Rise Skinny Jean by Everlane.

Not sure if I am going to get exactly this one or eventually something I can buy somewhere here in Berlin or within Europe (which would be much better), but this is the style I want to go for.


  • 2-3 cozy knit sweaters and/or cardigans. Thrift stores in this case can be an immense source of inspiration as well as cool finds. Aside from a couple of pieces that I love and are still in good shape, the other ones I own are starting to wear out, due to the intense wear and/or are not exactly good quality… a few days ago I`ve stumbled upon the Minimal Capsule from Vetta Capsule (loving every single piece from it!), and I like very much the Oversized Sweater that is part of this capsule. Oversized, warm and cozy, yes to turtleneck (if not too tight). This is my inspiration for the search, but I`ll be open to various styles as I hope to find some good options second hand.


The Oversized Sweater by Vetta Capsule

  • oversized black scarf. This is pretty self explanatory. I only own two scarves (a chunky, warm knitted yellow one I got on Etsy, and a turkish towel in white & grey that I use it as a scarf sometimes). A black one made of a thick cotton will be perfect for the upcoming season and the warmer ones, and it will match every outfit and style. Spotted this one on Etsy:

oversized black cotton scarf by LinenWorld (Etsy)

  • a few basic tops. For sure something I will invest in will be a basic black organic cotton tee from Organic basics. I wear my white and black t-shirts all year around, they are some of my most worn pieces in my entire wardrobe. My old H&M top has definitely served its time and a good quality replacement is what I need. I`ve had the chance to try and use Organic Basics products for a while now and I cannot recommend them enough for their quality, comfort and for the company`s care for the environment and fair working conditions for their workers. Overall, a win win. Well worth the investment. (In case you want to check the products form Organic Basics you can click here ). A couple of other basic tops to layer under sweaters and cardigans will be perfect.

The Organic Cotton Tee by Organic Basics

  • long shirt/t-shirt dress. I had this item in mind for a really long time now, but I was never able to find second hand options and most sustainable brands don`t seem to have what I am looking for. The style I am looking for is similar to this one by Kowtow Clothing. So I can layer this in the colder months or wear it on its own when it will be warm again.

The Building Block Dress by Kowtow Clothing.

Non wardrobe related items:

  • Stasher bags: I also had this item in my mind for the longest time and after the ban I am still intentioned to purchase a couple of them. As a zero waster, I carry reusable with me all the time (always bring my lunch with me to work), but sometimes it would be better to have something a bit more travel friendly than a bunch of glass jars. These are made of toxic free silicone and can be used for a bunch of different uses (sandwiches, cut up fruit and veg, various snacks, and even travel items or wet things when traveling). Especially for my upcoming trip to Bali, it will be my first time ever traveling to a different continent with just a carry on bag, so going lightweight and multi purpose is a must.

UPDATE, NOV. 2018: I have decided to reconsider the purchase of the Stasher Bags and won’t be buying them for now.


  • additional travel items (a.k.a. compression socks and a travel pillow). Still not 100% convinced about these ones despite the ban and the list, I’ll see. They definitely will be useful, but they are not necessarily a priority now.

I most likely won`t purchase everything all at once but this gives a rough idea of my current wish list. In terms of my wardrobe, this is pretty much the style inspo I am going for my wardrobe going forward. And for the other things, I like when I can find things that are multipurpose that can be used in a bunch of different ways. But overall I feel like making a list and wait before impulse buying is a great way to have a bette understanding of what we actually need to buy. Do you make wish lists too? I’m curious to know!!

Also, don’t forget to check out my last video about the end of my 100 days shopping ban and all of the benefits I have personally experienced from it:





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  1. I love the look of those long t-shirt dresses!! I never liked long dresses and have been hooked on them ever since I bought a used all saints dress on ebay 4 years ago.

    I’ve been looking for something similar, but more like a long t-shirt then a dress, ever since. Long dresses are amazing for layering in the winter with a t-shirt + jumper and I love wearing mine in the summer! It’s the best thing ever!

    The stasher bags look neat btw. I’ve seen them for the first time a handful of weeks ago. They look perfect for traveling! Glass and even stainless steel can be incredibly heavy so these would be awesome for trips! I like plain cotton bags (whether it’s mash or solid) for anything I intend to consume within a day or two. If i’d be in one of those for longer than that i’d simply go stale, ha!

    I’ll probably get an EVERLANE “boyfriend” pair. Still not sure about the size, I’ll have to see! I’ll have it shipped to my relative so I need to plan it out 100% just in case I need to ask her to return them for me.

    Love your list! I can totally relate to having a lot of things wearing out and falling apart all at once! I think at the end of the day it all comes down to materials and their composition. I’ve had pieces that I bought way back when (4 years ago) that still look amazing and others that look worn after just 1-2 years.

    I’ve become a lot more conscious of that over the years and whenever I need something and hit the thrift store I usually need to do some digging as a lot of stuff, a lot of the times, is so poorly made it pains me!

    This comment is getting way to long – really enjoyed reading your thoughts and loved your shopping ban video! πŸ™‚


    • …no comment of yours can be too long Nina!! ❀ I love hearing a bit more about your wish list too! I love that when you have something quite specific in mind, it might take a while if not long to find it, but when you do it’s much more rewarding and you can be able to appreciate it even more. And yeah, I agree on the difficulty of finding good quality stuff in thrift stores… they are so full of fast fashion right now that sometimes it’s quite hard to find good quality items a lot of digging is involved indeed! But that’s part of the fun, right? πŸ˜‰


  2. If you’re in Germany, go to Lidl’s – yes the large supermarket! They do fantastic quality plain stretchy T-shirts and long-sleeved T’s. I bought a couple in a local Lidl in Scotland and they’re still fine 3 years on.. The only problem is that they tend to change their available clothes every week or so.


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