The wardrobe diaries #3: my 10 (current) minimalist wardrobe essentials + Organic Basics Soft Touch review

(ENG only) I started this “Wardrobe Diaries” series a few months ago with the intention of documenting my wardrobe and how it evolves by hopefully giving you some useful info about ethical and sustainable fashion, a little bit of style inspo and showing you that a huge wardrobe is not the prerequisite of a curated, versatile clothes collection that fully expresses who you are.

I won’t be putting together a capsule wardrobe for spring/summer this year as I have come to realize that it probably doesn’t make much sense for me anymore to make capsule wardrobes: each season I tend to use all of my clothes suitable for that specific season. I do live in a 4 seasons climate, so obviously there are things that I cannot wear all year round but there certainly pieces that I can and want to wear the entire year. So I made a detailed list of the 10 pieces I am currently considering my wardrobe staples.

UNDERGARMENTS (AND MORE SPECIFICALLY TANK TOPS AND CAMI TOPS).Good quality undergarments are a must for any wardrobe in my opinion, unless you like going “commando”😂 In addition to bras, undies and socks that of course I use, a wardrobe staple for me are tank tops and cami tops, because they are so incredibly versatile. Most of my undergarments at the moment are by Organic Basics, and so are the tanks/camis. I already owned a couple from their Invisible Collection and now I’m excited to introduce into my wardrobe one from their Soft Touch Collection, which is their latest release, together with a bra and two briefs (to find out more about the Soft Touch products, you can keep on reading until the end for mini review as well as a coupon code for a 10% off). I like my tank tops to be fitted but stretchy and not constrictive and made of soft fabrics for maximum comfort. They work well as a first layer underneath clothes or as nice breathable tops worn on their own when the weather warms up. Definitely cannot do without some neutral colored tanks and camis in my wardrobe.


BLACK + WHITE T-SHIRT.These are definitely my most worn tops in any season as they are comfortable, versatile and neutral colored, so they pair well with basically anything and can create plenty of outfit combinations. I like to choose natural fibers because, again, they are nice and breathable. After using H&M conscious tees for over 3 years, last year I upgraded to Organic Basics ones from their Organic Cotton range.



BLACK PANTS. When I bought these pants in early 2018 I couldn’t imagine I would get so much use out of them. They are perfect in any season as they are made of organic cotton, and thanks to their interesting shape and cut they suit many different wearing occasions and pair with plenty of pieces, as they can be easily dressed up or down. Interesting fact: technically they are meant to be yoga pants as they are from the ethical sustainable brand Mandala Yoga. I bought them on sale (they were 50% off!) so I ended up paying only around 50€, which I think it’s a very reasonable price for the wear I am getting out of them.




NEUTRAL COLORED HIGH-RISE SKINNY JEANS. I don’t know about you, but I live in my jeans. A few years ago I “discovered” the skinny fit and never looked back ever since. I am not the tallest person and tend to have a curvier bottom, so a skinny fit suits me at best and makes me feel comfortable and always confident and nicely dressed even if I am wearing just a very casual jeans and t-shirt combo. They are flattering to many different body shapes in my opinion and can be easily dressed up or down. I stick to basic neutral colors for maximum versatility. Last year I bought two pairs from Everlane taking advantage of a super sale they had on for just one day (every denim was just 50$).



BLACK MAXI DRESS. When I was in Bali in October last year, I randomly and unexpectedly found the black maxi t-shirt dress I had been long looking for. This specific dress is locally made with sustainable fabric and dyes and by purchasing it I helped local disadvantaged kids, as the shop (Love Stories Market in Ubud) is using its profits to help and support them. By being purchased locally in Bali, I ended up paying a fraction of what I would have paid for something similar in Europe (I saw a similar dress from Kow Tow and it was double the price).




DENIM SHIRT. I received in 2015 a denim shirt as a birthday gift from a friend and I couldn’t imagine back then that it would become such a staple in my wardrobe. Unfortunately my trusty one from Replay became so worn out that the fabric ripped on the sleeve close to the armpit and it was too thin for further repairs (I already put some black denim patches on the elbow to conceal the small rip due to the thin fabric issue). Since the rest of the shirt is still wearable, I chopped out the sleeves using scissors and turning it into a vest top for spring/summer. I mentally made myself a note to hunt for a denim shirt that could replace the previous one and very luckily I found one free to collect on the street. It was in very good shape, perfect fit (despite being from the Zara’s men section). It has a colorful pattern on the shoulders which I am not 100% sure about, but so far so good so I am going to keep it for now as I was able to find it with zero efforts and for free.



BLACK KIMONO/CAPE. This is definitely my most beloved, worn and versatile layering piece in my wardrobe. It works very well in multiple seasons, it’s beautifully hand crafted here in Berlin (the brand is Say It Berlin) therefore it’s a very good quality garment and also has a very interesting shape and silhouette that complements well even the simplest outfits. I got it in the summer of 2016 and has been holding very well so far.





BLUE/GREY KANKEN BACKPACK. If you have been following me for a while than you are probably like “enough with this bag already, Jenny!”. Yes I am redundant. But. I use this bag ALL THE TIME, no joke. I bought this in June 2014 and this is hands down my most used and worn bag EVER. It is small and lightweight but still roomy enough to carry all my essentials and reusables. Plus it is made of a very resistant fabric which makes this thing basically indestructible. Prices are definitely a bit higher now (I paid mine 69€ back then) but definitely worth the investment. Since I live abroad and are always on the go here and there by foot or on public transit, I have grown to be fond of backpacks rather than purses: they are perfect for city life and travels.


DR. MARTENS BLACK OXFORDS. If I have to pick the pair of shoes that suits me and represents me and my style the most at the moment, I’d go with no hesitation with my black vegan Chelsea boots by DM. They are thick, robust but still comfy and versatile, but of course due to their thickness they aren’t exactly suitable for warmer weather conditions. The second hand DM oxfords I bought in 2016 though are still a thick robust shoe, but definitely more wearable all year round (as much as I love the look of DM boots paired with summer clothes, my feet definitely need something less heavy and bulky!!). They are a bit of a different, dressier option without compromising my comfort and style overall. I am probably more of a sneaker person on an average basis, but I currently don’t own a sneaker that can be worn all year round and I am planning to wear the ones I own out and get a more versatile pair. So until then, oxfords it is (I personally found these in amazing conditions in a second hand shop 3 years ago for 49,99€ if I remember correctly).


ULTRA LIGHT DOWN FOLDABLE VEST JACKET. I don’t own a jacket that can be worn in multiple seasons as, like I mentioned, I live in a 4 seasons climate. But if I have to choose one I’d go with this foldable vest by Uniqlo I bought a few years ago. It works very well as an extra layer in winter if needed and it is perfect for travelling (I always pack this if I am uncertain about the weather). Recently I have spotted a beautiful rain jacket on Everlane’s website which I think would be a nice addition to my wardrobe and would suit multiple wearing occasions. I’ll keep you posted.




By no means this is a definitive list. Like we change, our habits needs and tastes change, in fashion like in everything else. But I find these to be my current wardrobe staples. Over the course of the past few years I have realized that many of these styles and types of garments have been in my capsule wardrobes many times (if not always!) and I have definitely got more than enough use to justify their purchase. And also I told you a little bit of the story behind them to highlight how purchasing good quality, versatile garments pays off in the long run. This can mean hitting thrift stores and second hand shops on the hunt for a lucky find, raiding your mom’s/best friend/partner etc. closet or splurging into basics or pieces made by ethical sustainable brands.


And now, as promised, a short review of Soft Touch, OB’s latest product release which I recently had the chance to try.

Because I am a brand ambassador, Organic Basics kindly sent me some of these products from their new range, but the one you’re about to read is my honest opinion.

The Soft Touch range is made of Tencel Lyocell, a super soft natural, fully biodegradable fabric that is made from eucalyptus trees. These trees grow fast and thick on low-grade land, taking 80% less water than cotton to grow, so this fabric is very environmentally responsible and way less impactful then other fabrics out there.

The women’s collection includes a bralette, briefs, a tank top and a cami top. I personally received the bralette, a duo pack of undies and the tank top, all in black (black is always my first choice of color), but there are other color options available (a basic traditional white color and a cute shade of pink called Dusty Rose). All the items contain a 5% elasthan which helps prevent the fabric from going out of shape due to the wearing and stretching.

As soon as I unpacked the garments, I couldn’t help but notice how incredibly soft the fabric feels. It has a very silky soft feel and it feels very luxurious to the touch. The real deal tough is wearing it. I am not kidding, these are THE MOST COMFORTABLE undergarments I have ever worn. I have some other products from OB (organic cotton bras, undies and socks, tank tops made of recycled nylon from their Invisible range and a workout outfit from their Silver Tech activewear line) and, despite being all comfortable and already happily worn plenty of times, none of them compares to the Soft Touch when it comes to the comfort. Everything feels “in its place” but at the same time like you’re not wearing anything at all, if that makes sense. Not constrictive, not annoying, thin and soft. The tank and the briefs are classic and basic and the bralette has a very interesting design that I personally think would look very cute underneath a semi-see through top if that’s your thing or paired with a deep V-neck top. It is also flattering and supportive (I don’t have big breasts in the first place so I don’t know how this would be for someone with breasts) and the elasticated band doesn’t hurt or annoy at all.

I was lucky enough to get these items gifted, but I will definitely buy more from the line in the future as needed, maybe in other colors for a bit more variety.

In case I tickled your fancy and you’d like to get some of these awesome babies for yourself, you can use the coupon code JENNYOBC for a 10% off.


I’d love to know if you have a current list of the pieces you consider to be your wardrobe staples at the moment. If you want to have an idea of how these pieces look, you can watch my video for a “try on” version of this list. And don’t forget to keep in touch by subscribing to this blog and my Youtube channel and by following me on Instagram and Facebook to see what I am up to.

I’ll talk to you soon!



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