Does this spark joy?

(ENG only) It’s good to finally see the sun outside. To hear the birds happily chirping, the sky with its hints of blue and striped clouds, and to see the town waking up after days and days of gloomy, windy weather. This past weekend babe was out of town and as much as I missed him, it felt so good to be able to spend time alone, really dedicating time to myself, doing what feels good after many weeks of struggle, physical and mental. I am feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, reenergized. And that’s exactly what I needed. To enjoy time the way I fancy the most without having the constant sensation of it slipping out of my hands, fleeting, running away from me.

Lately it all feels like a constant race with the time, despite me trying my best not to fall again into the trap of fighting against a fast running clock. After voluntarily switching from a full time job to a part time one, I thought that I had it all solved and my life could go on smooth like never before. Yes, aside from the fact that I was still trying to fit way too many things into a day that only has 24 hours. 

Lately I have come to realize that there is no point of trying to do it all if we are the ones that have to pay the price of it, with our health, our well-being, our overall balance. If this has to let our insecurities flourish rather than diminish because we cannot keep up with impossible goals we set. If this has to feed our frustration, stress, anxiety because we keep comparing ourselves to those who seem to do it right all the time. If the price to pay is being burnt out. 

The secret of living well is that there is no secret. We just need to follow what our heart says and do more of what makes us happy. And this is no secret, it’s a fact. As human beings, we change, mature, evolve. And so do our lives, needs, hopes, plans. We need to cut ourselves some slack and be more forgiving, less judgmental. Because we might realize too late that we wasted our time while caught up in a job we hated, in a schedule that got us sick, in a place we didn’t like, surrounded by people we didn’t have much to share with. 

We need to do more of what makes us happy. This “spark joy” thing that everyone is paying more attention to and becoming more aware of, especially since Marie Kondo landed on Netflix and her concept has spread even more on worldwide level, has little to do with possessions, in my opinion. That is just phase 1. Phase 2 is the real deal. That is the part where we get the chance to start living for good, whether we are 20, 30, 40, 50, or even older. If we do more or what we love, of what makes us happy, of what we really want and like, we take care of ourselves for good. And sometimes this means changing our plans, reconsidering things, rethinking, going into an opposite direction. It means giving ourselves a break. It means dropping hyper critical mindsets and show ourselves more love and compassion. 

This short post wants to be an encouragement to anyone reading it to do more of what truly brings you joy. Life is shorter than we think and we should be able to live it to the fullest, being the best version of ourselves every day.

When was the last time you did something for the first time and had fun doing it, when was the last time you allowed yourselves to forget of all your responsibilities for a few moments, when was the last time you did something that truly, deeply, brought you joy? 

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