How to simplify your morning routine and start your day right

(ENG only) Mornings are my favorite part of the day because they give the chance to spend some time by myself and to practice some self care however I want. They feel like the fresh chance to paint on a clean white canvas every day.

It hasn’t been exactly easy to wake up early in the morning over the past few months, as my energy levels have been very low due to a vitamin D deficiency that I’m still trying to handle properly. I still tried to and overall like to be an early bird though, regardless of what time I start working at or what things are on my to-do list for that day. Waking up early makes me feel so much better: I feel more productive and like I’ve truly taken advantage of my time without the additional stress of juggling and rushing between all my to-dos because I’ve decided I’d rather sleep to the very last minute. And honestly there’s something incredibly fascinating, almost magical in waking up in a city that hasn’t fully woken up yet.

Over the last few years I have changed and readapted my morning routine several times, depending on my needs. But if there’s one thing that certainly hasn’t changed is making simplicity the core point: to be a fully functioning person during my day, I need to have a routine that fully functions for me. And this means keeping things simple. I have never been someone who can wake up and rush out the door in 10 minutes and I don’t even want to know what it feels like because the very few times that this happened, I felt terrible for a good part of the day (or at least until I found a good comfy spot to rest and get my sh!t together…and even in that case the rest of the day wasn’t fun).

Regardless of you’re hitting the gym before the office or if you have random working shifts, have kids or pets to take care of, are a student or in retirement, you deserve a morning routine that makes you feel good, energized and ready for the day you have ahead.
These are my top tips to help you simplify your morning and create a great routine that will simplify your day.

  • Prep the night before. I’ve always been a fan of prepping as much as possible the day before: those few extra minutes spent getting things ready in the evening for the following day are so incredibly well invested. Things get so much easier if everything is set and ready from the day before, there’s no need to waste extra time or get nervous or anxious while getting things done, looking for things or worrying to be running late. Simple things like quickly tidying up what is out of place, putting your breakfast together and preparing the coffee pot, picking your outfit or having your bag ready to grab and go can be incredibly helpful and will make things easier and stress free the next day.
  • Avoid social media at all cost. Checking your social media profiles as soon as your start your day can create an immense source of stress for your brain (even if does seem like fun time and a distraction, your brain is actually processing all the information you’re feeding it while scrolling through posts and pics) and can put you in the tricky situation of someone who spends 20 minutes on Instagram and then realizes he/she is running late. A good mindful and effective morning routine shouldn’t involve social media in my opinion but should be focused on yourself. I personally try to avoid social media at least for the first hour after waking up and the last hour of my day before going to bed: in this way I feel like giving my brain the proper time to ease into the day or rest.
  • Go to bed early enough and give yourself enough time to rest. This sounds incredibly cliché, but have you ever noticed how hard it is to face your day if you don’t sleep enough? You need to rest long enough in order to be productive and active during your day and this means going to sleep at a reasonable time, depending on what time you have to wake up the next day. The optimal sleeping time is usually 7-8 hours at least.
  • Plan ahead and wake up early enough depending on what you need to do. To avoid any unpleasant stress, rushing or running desperately to try to catch that bus or train that you’re afraid to miss (again!!), make sure to plan ahead and calculate time very well. There’s no point in waking up 10 minutes before you have to be out the door if you won’t be able to get things done. And of course set reasonable time goals.

  • Make yourself a list for the day. Regardless of what your day is going to look like, reserve yourself some time to review the things you need to get done during the day or week: deadlines, appointments, urgent or less urgent to-dos, etc. You can do this the night before or This will help you keep a clear mind and not forget anything important.
  • Simplify your grooming. The more products you use to get ready, the more time you’re going to need to use/apply them and actually get ready. You can still look groomed and put together without using a million products. This will help you achieve a more natural look while using less products, saving time and saving money too (the less you’ll be learning to use, the less money you’ll spend). Personally, I’ve never used many make up products but still needed 10-15 minutes to make my entire make up routine. Since I started using less make up first and no make up at all later, I can use those extra minutes to do something else.
  •  Have a simple, nutritious breakfast and make time for it. I know that some people do not feel like eating as soon as they wake up (I am definitely NOT one of them: if I don’t have breakfast as soon as I wake up or right after my workout, I can barely remember my name). If you don’t feel like eating right after waking up, you can have your breakfast later, but it’s still very important to eat something nutritious that will make you feel energized and focused until lunch time. You can have something ready to grab and go or quickly put something together yourself. It doesn’t have to be anything fancy or require a lot of preparation. Ideally, choose things that will keep you filled and will provide you those nutrients you need. A simple yoghurt/granola combo, some overnight oats with fresh fruit or an avocado/hummus sandwich (gotta provide some breakfast info also for all the savory breakfast fans out there, ehehe) will do the trick.

Have a simple, amazing day!

Take care,




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