Conscious Christmas: minimalist sustainable gift guide 2019

(This post is in collaboration with Organic Basics)

If you’re thinking about making your Christmas holidays more conscious but still like the idea of giving a gift to your loved ones, I got you covered. These are 8 easy gift ideas that will suit anyone and can be perfect to keep your festive season less built around mere consumption and more about doing good. I think these are great options for anyone on your gift list, and I made sure to include options that not only are minimalist and eco friendly, but also that are affordable and/or reasonably priced. For the Organic Basics products mentioned (as well for anything else you might want to purchase from their website) I have a 10% discount code which you will find down below.

Here are my 8 suggestions for this year’s minimalist, ethical and sustainable holiday guift guide.

Organic Basics Silver Tech Towel As you might already know, Organic Basics is one of the few brands I have been collaborating with so far as a content creator and I have been a long time supporter. Their aim is to produce ethically made, long lasting timeless wardrobe basics (undergarments, basic tops, socks, active wear) in the most sustainable fabrics: natural, renewable, recycled, biodegradable and low impact only. Earlier this year they even started carbon offsetting with a company named Chooose to become carbon neutral and make sure that their environmental footprint is even lower. But did you know that they also offer some sustainable accessories, which I think they’re perfect as gifts, as they are all things that you are actually going to use and that are made to last? The SilverTech Towel, for example, is made of 100% organic cotton and treated with a special Polygiene® treatment to let the fabric stay fresher for longer, so no unpleasant,mushy odors and less frequent washes. Perfect for traveling, the gym or, you know, every day! The fabric is soft and yet feels very thick and durable without being extra bulky. My one and only workout outfit is from the Organic Basics SilverTech collection and oh boy, it’s fantastic: it has been holding up super well so far and it really does stay fresher for longer. First impression is really good and this towel will definitely become a must-have in my gym bag.
Price: 50€ (use the code JENNYOBC2 for a 10% discount!)

Bamboo toothbrush Switching to a bamboo toothbrush is one of the easiest swaps you can do to make your daily habits more sustainable. The Organic Basics Bamboo Toothbrush with activated charcoal bristles is a great alternative to disposable plastic toothbrushes and can be tossed in the organic waste bin when it needs to be replaced. All you have to do is break the head off or remove the bristles (and put it in the general waste) and compost the rest. The bristles are soft on the teeth and gums and due to the activated charcoal, antibacterial too. Plus it conveniently comes in a pack of two, which is very handy.
Price: 8€ for a set of 2 (use the code JENNYOBC2 for a 10% discount!)

A tree 🌳 Yes, you’re reading it right: a tree! With the increasing problems caused by climate change, there are many things that we can do to lower our carbon footprint. While I think that overall being more mindful and aware as consumers is the key to a more sustainable and less impactful lifestyle, carbon offsetting can be an ally in the game. As you might know already, earlier this year I decided to start carbon offsetting with Gone West, an offsetting company that allows you to buy a tree or more to offset your travels, everyday life or enterprise and go carbon neutral. Monthly or annual subscriptions are also available. With the cost of just 10£ you can purchase 1 tree which is enough to offset 1 month worth of carbon emissions (and starting from just 2£ you can offest your air travel!) Yay! Isn’t it great to know that there will be more trees planted out there? 🤗
Price: 10£ for a single tree

A printed picture(s) I feel like these days nobody or almost nobody prints out pictures anymore. We snap everything with our phones and all of our memories are either stored in our phone‘s photo gallery or our cloud. As much as I appreciate the minimalist aspect of digitalizing and the more environmentally friendly side of printing less, I’ve always been a fan of tangible memories captured in a picture. So why not printing out a nice photo that portraits you and the person(s) you want to give it to and put it in a nice picture frame? Or, if you can’t decide which picture to choose, you can print a bunch and create a beautiful DIY collage or small gallery wall. We made this sort of gallery wall in our apartment and we love it! It is 100% customizable, anytime. The materials were very inexpensive (we just used a 1m long-5mm thick wood stick, nails, cotton yarn and wooden paper clips) and we used photos we already had printed out (and we‘ve ordered some more using an app called LaLaLab). This is such a great way to celebrate good memories and make others feel special.
Price: variable but definitely budget friendly! 🙂

Library card If you like the idea of giving books as a gift but are not sure which one to pick or want to keep it more minimal and sustainable, opting for a library card is a great idea! You can usually get one for free or with a small fee (here in Berlin we do have to pay 10€ a year, which I think is an absolutely fair price!!!). Did you know that you can borrow also ebooks and audiobooks with your library card? You can use apps like Overdrive or Libby, type the library card number to connect the app to the library membership and you’re done. An infinite amount of reading options with just one library card.
Price: free (or small fee)

source: Unsplash

Dinner date I am always a fan of low key gatherings: in a fast paced world where we all have to keep up with our schedules and to-dos, is not always possible to see our favorite people on a regular basis (and if you live in a big city, things can get even more difficult). So a dinner date to the gift receiver‘s favorite restaurant is a great chance to chit chat over some good food while making time for meaningful relationships and treating yourself to something special. Recently my friend Nina (The Minimalist Ninja!) invited me to lunch in a restaurant of choice as a birthday gift! I could pick the place and she would pay for me and it was something I‘ve appreciated so much (mostly because of her company but seriously that falafel was the best I’ve ever had!!) Want to keep it more low budget and personal? You can host the dinner date at your place! There’s something about a home cooked meal that makes everyone feel very special and loved.
Price: according to your preference 🙂

source: Unsplash

A tote bag with a message I love a tote bag with a statement. Something that you can identify yourself with and that sends a message whilst you’re walking down the street, going to work or simply grocery shopping. Plus a reusable bag is such an easy way to cut down plastic waste and is so handy to have! This reusable tote bag by Organic Basics is made of 100% organic cotton, which feels very thick and resistant. The straps are a nice lenght, so you can easily carry the bag or slide it on and off your shoulder without feeling constricted. The bag is a nice size and holds quite a lot of stuff! So it is perfect for all your needs: work essentials including laptop, school supplies, groceries, water bottle, reusables, random everyday essentials like keys wallet journal/planner, you name it. And the statement message printed on one of the sides is definitely a conversation starter.
Price: 7€ (use the code JENNYOBC2 for 10% off)

Reusable coffee mug Coffee/tea/smoothie/juice lovers are really going to like this Organic Basics mug with its minimal design. It is sturdier than normal ceramic mugs, which makes it good for everyday use, although I personally would recommend hand washing it with care to avoid potential scratches on the enamel surface. Perfect for picnics, day trip adventures, home or as your favorite mug to use in the office.
Price: 7€ (use the code JENNYOBC2 for 10% off)

Handmade “coupons” for activities together I made this as a Christmas gift many years ago to babe and he thought it was such a sweet and lovely idea. I simply made a few “coupons” myself that he could redeem anytime for activities together and were valid for things that would make him feel special, like a coupon for a shoulder massage, for attending a concert of his choice together, for a fancy dinner as a special treat, for a day of unlimited cuddles (or me not complaining if he would be grumpy for a whole day) etc. I simply used paper, colored crayons and a few stickers I had laying around. Pretty much like the dinner invitation I suggested earlier, this is a perfect way to value precious moments over things and show someone we love how much gratitude and appreciation we have for them.
Price: free! or very very inexpensive 🙂

source: Unsplash

I hope this little guide gives you some useful ideas and inspiration for a conscious gift giving this holiday season. Please remember to shop responsibly.
I’ll talk to you soon! xoxo


This post is NOT sponsored, however it was made in collaboration with Organic Basics as part of my affiliate partnership with the company. Please note that by purchasing through the links above and using the discount code provided I will get a small commission which helps me support the work that I do as content creator at no extra cost for you. The Organic Basics products mentioned were kindly gifted to me and the opinion shared is my true honest one. Discount codes are valid until February 6th 2020. Thank you. 💚


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