What’s in my zero waste gym bag

(ENG only) I am little bit of a lazy ass sometimes, I have to admit it. I also have to admit though that once I decide to leave the coziness of my bed or armchair to go sweat a bit I feel soooooo much better afterwards. So, in the spirit of #futuristicfebruary (that has just ended) launched by The Sustainable Duo and to try to encourage you to reduce your waste whilst doing something that’s good for your body and soul, in this blog post I am sharing the content of my zero waste bag, gym edition.

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First things first, the bag that I use as a gym bag is a second hand black backpack from Eastpak I got on eBay last year. I was looking for something that could be versatile and this is a fairly roomy backpack (about 30L) that can hold gym stuff as well as my daily essentials (I mostly go before work, so I put everything I need for the day in it and I am good to go), plus I can use it for short trips too and feels more comfortable to carry around.

Disclaimer: I only go to the gym in the morning because a) it is my favorite time of day b) it is less busy and c) I save 50% on the monthly membership by going before 4pm and for me this works perfectly fine. Even when working I can go early before heading to the office, all I need to do is prepare in advance. In my opinion when it comes to reduce your waste and live more sustainably preparation is key, and this is no exception. I just make sure to prep everything the night before so the next day I can just grab my things and head out the door.

My zero waste gym bag essentials

Workout outfit: I only own one (yes, just one) workout ouftit and it is my well beloved one by Organic Basics. I had it for over one year now and I love it! Because the fabric (recycled nylon) is specifically treated to stay fresher for longer, I don’t need to wash my workout bra and leggings every single time after a workout. And no, it is not gross, trust me 🙂 Quick drying fabric and no nasty smell whatsoever. I just make sure to keep it separated from the rest in a cotton bag once I shower and get changed and I reuse it the next time, I can just wash it at the end of the week or depending how many times I managed to hit the gym that week. In this way I save precious water and energy by washing less often. On top of the bra I either use old cotton t-shirts or the OB muscle tank .

Water bottle: I recently decided to purchase a second water bottle because the one I got second hand last summer (after losing the one I had for 3,5 years) is an 800ml insulated one, very heavy to carry around and fits almost nowhere, plus it is hard to refill it in most taps, sinks or refill stations as it is too big and bulky. So I went for a stainless steel Klean Kanteen bottle which is lightweight, durable and more travel/on the go friendly.

Workout shoes: I ‘ve had some Adidas ones for almost 5 years now and use them only for sport purposes (I told you I am a bit of a lazy ass so they still look good as new, eheheh). I store them in a cotton bag for hygienic reasons so they’re separated from the rest.

Towels: I usually carry a small towel to get dry if I’m all damp and sweaty and a big one for the shower (I usually alternate between an old, super lightweight and compact microfiber one and the SilverTech one by Organic Basics, which is less compact but super soft and made to stay fresher for longer).

Toiletries: my routine is usually pretty simple so I have no problem getting ready at the gym after my workout. I usually pack all of my essentials in the same transparent liquids bag I use for plane travels, so all I need to do is grab the bag as it is from my toiletries bag and I’m good to go. Of course to keep things zero waste, I cannot do without my solid shampoo and soap bar, which I keep in a little soap sack. My DIY deodorant is a must and because I usually make small batches, I can carry the small glass container I normally use as it is. My wooden brush of course comes along as well. I also carry the hair dryer we have at home, which is a small compact travel hair dryer, as I partly dry my hair with it. Finally, my skincare products: caffeine undereye serum, anti blemish treatment and face serum (all by The Ordinary and all in a glass container) and a moisturizer (I am currently experimenting between my own concoction and some simple shea butter we purchased at the bulk store, anyhow no plastic packaging involved).

minimalist zero waste toiletries gym bag essentials

Make up: this is the only thing that does involve some disposable plastic packaging in my routine at the moment. Last year I decided to go completely make up free for 6-7 months and when I decided to start wearing make up again, I allowed myself a few “test” months to see how I felt about it. Before purchasing 50-60€ worth of organic mascara and eyeliner, I purchased vegan cruelty free drugstore makeup. Now that I know that I want to keep make up in my routine and want to stick to just 2-3 products (black mascara, black eyeliner and occasionally a lipstick), once I run out of the drugstore ones I can explore the plastic free / refillable options.

Handkerchief: we are requested to disinfect the equipment and workout machines after each use, and paper towels and a disinfectant spray is provided. Recently I started bringing my own cotton handkerchief for this purpose to avoid any paper waste.

Packed breakfast, snacks and lunch: I rarely leave my house without my packed lunch and when I go to the gym before work I pack my breakfast and some mid-morning snacks too. I don’t have breakfast before my workout, so I like to be prepared when I get to my workplace. At work I have access to a fully equipped kitchen, so I don’t have to worry about cutlery, plates or bowls if needed. I always carry a small napkin in my bag anyway, so I can skip the disposable napkins or paper towels. If I do purchase something for breakfast, I get something from the bakery either in a paper bag (that I reuse) or my own bag/container.

The rest of the bag is dedicated to a clean change of clothes, of course, and my everyday essentials: wallet, keys, phone, multi purpose pouch (with spork, napkin, handkerchief instead of tissues, lip bam in a tiny glass pot), book, reusable cotton bag, reusable foldable coffee mug, my small travel kit with produce bags in it. The real workout is carrying this backpack around sometimes, but I gladly do it as I know that it will allow me to cut down my waste a lot during my day.

Which items do you like to carry around in your sports bag to reduce your waste?

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I’ll talk to you soon!

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