The wardrobe diaries #8: 4 outfits I wore during the first week of home office (and lockdown)

For the past week I have been able to work from home and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future, due to the current pandemic.

Home office is a completely new experience for me. Sure, during the past few years I have been working on my Youtube and blog content always, or mostly, from home, but this is the first proper time that I can make my regular work too entirely from home. To maintain some sort of “normality” in my daily routine, I am continuing to get dressed in the morning as if I was going to work. In this way I feel more motivated to get started with my day and feel better about myself.

These are 4 outfits I wore during these first few days of home office and quarantine. I’ve decided to maintain the “casual” vibe of the “one week of outfits” post I made a few weeks ago, with spontaneous mirror selfies, also because I’ve received very good response on that post (thank you!).
Note: for hygienic reasons, we normally do not wear any shoes around the house, so these 3 outfits do no include any shoes. I’ve decided to take the pictures barefoot (and of course wore ugly but cozy socks right after the pics were take to keep my feet warm 😉).


For the first outfit I came up with I wanted to incorporate this gorgeous denim kimono I found online a few weeks ago. And we’re still talking about an outfit that has to be worn around the house, so why not making it super comfy with stretchy leggings? I topped the bottoms with a flowy striped dress for extra comfiness.

Denim kimono: second hand (originally from Levi’s)
Black & white striped dress: second hand (charity shop in Dublin)
Black leggings: Organic Basics ( use the code JENNYOBC3 for a 10% off (valid until June 4th)


You definitely have seen this checkered shirt in my “one week of outfits” post already. I had it for over 4 years now and is definitely a versatile wardrobe staple for me. Here I turned it into a dress (and belted it to cinch more the waistline and give it a bit more of a shape) and simply wore it on top of leggings. Very comfy and perfect for a warm spring day during which we kept the window open all day long

Checkered shirt: armedangels
Black thin belt: Piazza Italia (very old, at least 7+ years old…I hardly wear it anymore because it is not in the freatest shape, but still works well for these kind of outfits)
Black leggings: Organic Basics use the code JENNYOBC3 for a 10% off (valid until June 4th)

This outfit screams second hand from head to toe. Aside from the belt (which I bought new but I had it for years and years), everything is not only second hand, but it was given to me by someone as a hand me down. A simple black polo tee – light wash mom jeans – military lightweight jacket combo always works well, also for hanging out in my new office, aka the living room.

Black polo tee with patch, lightwash mom jeans, military jacket: everything second hand (hand me downs)
Black belt: H&M (7+ years old)


While on the first days of quarantine the weather has been gorgeously spring like, a couple of days ago the temperatures went down in Berlin, making it essential to wear a thicker layer to stay warmer. So I layered my fleecy super warm sweatshirt on top of my currently most worn jeans. Black and denim is a combo that, if you ask me, never ever disappoints.

Black fleece sweatshirt: Everlane ReNew
Black polo tee: second hand (hand me down)
Black belt: H&M (7+ years old)
Jeans: second hand (mom’s wardrobe, hand me down)

I hope you have enjoyed this glimpse into my work-from-home current wardrobe. Let me know if you would like to see more posts like this in the future, in the meantine don’t forget to follow me on Instagram and Facebook to see what I’m up to.
I’ll talk to you soon!

(This post is not sponsored. However, the links above are affiliate links, which means that by purchasing through them (and using the discount code provided) I make a small commission which helps me to support my work with my blog. Thank you).



  1. I would be interested to hear more about your job if you are willing to write about it? Is it so that you share you time between social media (blog) work and the other job?


    • sure! exactly, I share my time between a part time job in online retail (I work for an outdoor sports equipment store) and my blog. I am in charge of putting new products online on the shops’s website as well as of helping out my colleagues of the customer service to prepare invoices and shipping labels for customers 🙂


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