The wardrobe diaries #10: building a curated wardrobe + second hand haul

(ENG only) I can’t really say that I have been always interested in fashion. I like being complimented if I look cute in an outfit (who doesn’t?) and yet sort of hate being at the center of the attention. I have always felt insanely insecure about myself and my body, so I have spent the majority of my life trying to hide my body. When I was younger (high school years) I basically dressed as a tom boy, with baggy clothes and skate shoes. I wanted to look alternative/different and anonymous at the same time (a guy from the “friends” circle I was hanging out at the time with even asked me if I was a lesbian because of the way I dressed. Yes, he acted like a complete biased d%$khead and no I no longer hang out with such idiots, in case you’re wondering).

Over the years though I started to be more interested in fashion as I learned to appreciate it and not only consider it as a way to cover up my body but as a way of expressing myself too. In fact I never really followed trends or guidelines on how to dress for my body type, skin tone etc. While some years ago I used to buy a lot of mismatched clothes with very different styles colors and shapes, now I buy much less but smarter. I don’t follow rules, but just a few core points I’ve made for myself that can help me create and maintain a small but curated wardrobe I can be happy about.

  1. ditch the trends. I don’t buy whatever is on trend at the moment, but I opt for more “classic”, timeless pieces that will survive trends (there is NO WAY I am going back to low waisted jeans people!!!). I basically buy what I like, regardless if it is on trend at the moment or not. Trends can in some cases act as an inspiration, but my goal is to opt for pieces, colors and shapes that I now I’ll continue to wear throughout the years. Also I try to avoid impulse buys and think well before I buy something.
  2. neutral colors. No, it is not a rule for “minimalist wardrobes” as many believe, but my personal preference. Because again, simple neutral colors survive all trends and seasons and can be easily combined amongst each other. Personally I gravitate towards black, grey, denim, sometimes white beige and olive green. Blue (sorry I can’t help it, I kind of hate it) and bright colors are a no no for me, with the exception of a couple of pieces that add a pop of color and that I know I am able to still easily combine with a lot of different pieces. I also rarely opt for bold patterns, as I find it hard to combine them and easily get tired of them (with the exception of stripes, a pattern I’ve been obsessed with since high school). Boring, you say? To me it’s not boring, it is “me”, so I’m okay with it. You do you.
  3. preferably second hand. Ethical-sustainable fashion, as much as it is well made and very well intended, can be really expensive and not accessible to all. Second hand is always my first choice when possible. I try to opt for pieces that are good value for money. I don’t buy it just because it’s cheap, I buy it because it makes sense for me to buy it.
  4. no matter the size, style or shape, I have to feel good wearing it. This is probably the most important “rule”of all. If I have doubts, I feel like I don’t look very good in it, it feels uncomfortable and I constantly have to adjust it, etc. then I don’t buy it at all.
  5. try it on. Trying something on is essential to me so I can have a good understanding of how I feel about it. Lately I have been buying a lot on Vinted, so it is a more risky option, because you purchase online from private vendors and not proper stores, so there is no return policy. If you buy it and it doesn’t fit you can’t return it, but you can always sell it again. But so far I’ve been good at picking things that fit me well. The important thing is to have a good idea of our sizes and body shape (I know that I usually wear M for tops, t-shirts and sweaters and usually L for pants and jackets, for example). Also, when buying second hand online on Vinted or elsewhere I ALWAYS prefer clothes that have good pictures so I can have a good understanding, if pictures are blurry, not clear, too dark or pretty much non existent, I keep searching.
  6. buy less, choose well, make it last. This is my absolute mantra and ultimate guideline when it comes to my wardrobe. This means quality over quantity and buying only the things I need and like, buying smart and doing my best to take good care of the clothes I own so I’ll be able to wear them for a long time, regardless if I got them as a hand me down or bought them from an ethical sustainable brand.

In this video you’ll be able to take a look at the things I’ve recently found second hand to complement my current wardrobe.

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