A (belated) postcard from Dresden

(ENG only) As the fourth Covid-19 wave is currently hitting Germany, and yet another year is coming to an end, I can’t help thinking about traveling. As many others, I have given up the “for fun” travel when the pandemic hit the world in early 2020. Since then, the only two times I have actually moved from Berlin were to visit family and friends in my hometown, the Republic of San Marino.

As an expat who got to see her family only 2 times in the last 2 years, I am happy I had the chance to pay a visit and see people I love and that I don’t see often. I traveled when the numbers weren’t skyrocketing as they are now. I don’t know when I’ll be able to see them again, but I’m glad I visited them when the situation allowed it.

On the other side of the spectrum though, I’ve recently realized that the last time I traveled somewhere “for fun” and touristy purposes was over 2 years ago (the number 2 seems to be quite recurring, eheheheh).

The thing is, I NEED to travel. Well not need need per se (traveling is indeed a privilege and a luxury that many don’t have), but I do need it to function as a person. Traveling gives me a break from routines, it enriches my souls with new places, new cultures, new things to discover. It inspires me, recharges me, transforms me. Traveling is one of the things I love doing the most. Sitting still for too long is not made for me.

Back in October I had a free day. At that point I’ve had the idea to go somewhere close on a day trip, so it would be cheap, easy to organize at the last minute and give me that travel-kick I so desperately needed. So I booked a bus ticket and on the next day I hopped on a bus directed to Dresden.

I’ve already made a vlog on my little day trip, which you can watch here, if you still haven’t:

But you know what? Consider this a virtual postcard, from me, yours truly, from Dresden. When was the last time you’ve received an actual postcard? Well, now you can say that you just got one from your virtual friend Jenny.

Disclaimer: I’ve spent only a few hours in the city and usually I like looking for the unconventional things when I visit a new place. Sure, more iconic and “popular” sightseeing sites are a must if you’ve never been somewhere new and I generally don’t dislike to take a look at something just because it is a touristy thing. But that is generally not the type of things I look for when I visit a new place. So in this virtual postcard you’re going to see mostly street art and corners that are less touristy.

an example of the beautiful street art that can be found in the “Neustadt”

an example of the beautiful street art that can be found in the “Neustadt”
one of the iconic building in the Kunsthofpassage
one of the iconic building in the Kunsthofpassage
an old “Photoautomat” in the Neustadt
an example of the beautiful street art that can be found in the “Neustadt”
see? I did take a look at some of the most “touristy” study too.. I’ve quickly visited the Altstadt and this is the gorgeous Frauenkirche
the top of the Roman Catholic Cathedral
somewhere along the river Elbe

The whole day trip costed me less than 30€. Despite the last minute purchase of the bus tickets, fares were super low (it was October and, oh well, with Covid many prices are quite low anyway). So the budget for the whole day included the round trip by bus (which was roughly 2,5 hours each way), lunch (nothing fancy, a sandwich some fries and a soft drink) and some snacks for the way back. I didn’t buy anything, walked everywhere (it was a fairly warm and good day) and didn’t spend the night as it was a day trip indeed.

I liked the city a lot so I’ll definitely go back, next time I’ll make sure to stay overnight for at least 1 night so I can see and do things more calmly and I’ll get to know the city better.

I hope you have enjoyed this virtual postcard from my recent visit in Dresden. If you’re headed somewhere in the near future, I’ll wish you happy and safe travels.

I’ll talk to you soon!


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