How to read more: 6 tips | Come leggere di più: 6 consigli

(ENG/ITA) When I was a kid I was an extremely avid reader. I would consume book after book after book after book. For me a big part of my recreational… View Post

Eco friendly cat care: a complete guide | Cura eco friendly del gatto: una guida completa

(ENG/ITA) Adopting my cat, Ziggy Stardust, was without a doubt the best decision ever and the highlight of my 2020. She has brought joy fluffiness and color to our home… View Post

The wardrobe diaries #9: one week of winter outfits from my eco-minimalist wardrobe

(ENG/ITA) A small, curated wardrobe is all about quality over quantity and this is especially true during winter: a few layers made of the right fabrics will do the trick,… View Post

What’s in my eco-minimalist bag

(ENG/ITA) “What’s in my bag” videos where some of the first videos I’ve ever started watching regularly back in 2011-2012, when I started becoming a Youtube aficionada. Maybe because I’m… View Post
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