Republic of San Marino: a sustainable guide | Guida alla San Marino sostenibile

(ENG/ITA) Until not too long ago I used to think that sustainability and San Marino, my home country, could not be in the same sentence together. Being based in Berlin… View Post

Hello, autumn.

(ENG/ITA) When summer comes to an end autumn approaches, there is something in the air that reminds us of ends and new beginnings at the same time. A change, a… View Post

I’ve watched “Down to Earth” on Netflix and here’s what I think about it.

(ENG/ITA) A couple of months ago Netflix released a new show on sustainability called “Down to Earth with Zac Efron”. As soon as it popped on my homepage, it immediately… View Post

How to live more minimally and sustainably with the 5Rs of Zero Waste | simple sustainable living for beginners

(ENG/ITA) Zero Waste has definitely gained popularity over the past few years: more people are getting familiar with it, are willing to make some substantial changes in their lives and… View Post
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