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Can big corporations be sustainable? Multinationals are going “zero waste”

(ENG only) This is quite an exciting moment for all the eco warriors and the zero waste community. The issues around climate change, waste, single use plastic and their terrifying consequences on the environment are starting to gain more and more attention in several countries and from big corporations as…

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How to reduce your carbon footprint and your environmental impact

Simple things you can do daily and regularly to reduce your environmental impact and your carbon footprint.

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6 month shopping ban

(ENG only) Like I mentioned here and there a while ago, I wanted to give the whole shopping fast another try. My first ever one was last year, from June until September, and it lasted 100 days. I found the whole experience very beneficial, financially speaking but also on a…

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Cheers to a new year

(ENG only) I bet all of you are starting to look back at this 2018 that is coming to an end. Trying to figure out what went well, what you’re proud of, what you were able to accomplish and achieve and what didn’t work out, what you failed at and…

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Conscious Christmas: 10 ethical and sustainable gift ideas

(ENG only) Christmas is probably the most wonderful time of the year. The twinkle lights, the ginger bread men, the smell of cinnamon and mulled wine, the Xmas songs softly playing in the background, the fact that everyone seem happier. Unfortunately this also happens to be the most unethical and…

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