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Berlin Zero Waste Shopping Guide

(ENG only) This post is long overdue. But I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to work on it and to make it as informative as possible for those who live in Berlin and want to start reducing their waste and for anyone who is going to…

Berlin offers a lot of eco-friendly options and I'm everyday grateful for this. I've put together a zero waste shopping guide featuring some markets and stores, their locations and what you can find there. All you need to do is keep your reusable bags and containers ready and bring them with you on your next shopping spree!

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Zero Waste doesn’t mean perfection. But can you pledge to go plastic free this month?

(ENG only) I went zero waste shopping the other day. In a matter of a few minutes, somehow

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DIY natural mouthwash

(ENG only) Recently I had lots of requests to share the DIY recipes of toiletries and beauty products I no longer buy and that I started making myself. The first one I’m sharing is mouthwash.

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100 days shopping ban

(ENG+ ITA) At the beginning of this week (Monday, 16th June) I started a 100 days shopping ban.

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How to create a sustainable wardrobe on a budget

(ENG only) A few days ago I was passing by an H&M store. I stopped to look at the window and the prices of the items displayed. T-SHIRT: 4,99€. This is considered to be the standard price nowadays for a top in the so called fast fashion stores. If we…

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