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Fashion Revolution Week 2018 + GIVEAWAY (closed)!!

(ENG+ITA) 23-29 April 2018 is Fashion Revolution Week, an entire week dedicated to more transparency, fairness and sustainability in the fashion industry and the promotion of a better fashion world also thanks to a more responsible behavior of us, consumers. Fashion Revolution was born

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Zero Waste at work made easy, office edition

(ENG + ITA) I know that probably I’m not the only one that struggles with working in a not really eco-friendly work environment and that on the personal side though tries to live as sustainably as possible. It would be great to always have a work that is completely aligned…

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Why you should always choose experiences over stuff to live a happier life

(ENG + ITA) Sometimes I hear people complaining about things like events, concerts, flights, exhibitions etc. being expensive. Money is something very personal: we all have different financial situations, different incomes, different necessities. But when this kind of comment comes from someone that gets a higher salary than mine, I…

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1 year vegan

(ENG + ITA) 13th February marked a milestone for me: my first year being vegan! Can I call it “Veganiversary”? 🙂 If I look back, becoming and being vegan was one of those things I just would say about things like “I could never do it, I love cheese too…

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Why I’ll never go back to a “normal” wardrobe: benefits of a minimal wardrobe

(ENG only) A few days ago I was scrolling through and replying to comments on Youtube. Someone left a comment to the video where I explain why I no longer have a wardrobe/closet and how I store my clothes without owning one. The comment was “Geez you don’t have a…

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