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The Wardrobe Diaries #2 : minimalist winter packing

(ENG only) Traveling in winter can be a huge hassle: layers, big bulky clothes and boots definitely have a bigger volume compared to the easy breezy light clothes we pack when traveling in summer or…

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6 month shopping ban

(ENG only) Like I mentioned here and there a while ago, I wanted to give the whole shopping fast another try. My first ever one was last year, from June until September, and it lasted…

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Cheers to a new year

(ENG only) I bet all of you are starting to look back at this 2018 that is coming to an end. Trying to figure out what went well, what you’re proud of, what you were…

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30 DAYS OF LESS: a simple guide for less stuff, less clutter, less stress.

(ENG only) 2019 is right around the corner and when a new year is about to begin, there is a chance for a fresh start right there in front of us. This year I am…

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The Wardrobe Diaries #1

(ENG + ITA) I’m introducing a new series here on the blog called “The Wardrobe Diaries”, in which I’ll be documenting some of my favorite outfits while chit chatting about minimalist wardrobe and ethical-sustainable fashion.…

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