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How to dress minimal in winter without adding bulk

(ENG only) Oh boy, it’s frosty out there! After a mild December and a slightly colder January, February has been hitting -C° temperatures many times already here in Berlin. But the sun has been shining…

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Winter 10×10 2018 Recap

(ENG + ITA) A few days ago I completed this season`s 10×10 wardrobe challenge, created by Lee Vosburgh from Stylebee and co-hosted by Caroline Joy Rector from Unfancy. As someone who has been doing Project…

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Winter 10×10 wardrobe challenge

(ENG+ITA) I`ve been doing capsule wardrobes (following the Project 333 system) since end of Semptember 2015. This winter I haven`t been doing any proper capsule, because I am planning to shift from 4 capsules to…

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Comparison Fear & Perfection: the creativity killers.

“perfectionism is just fear in fancy shoes and a mink coat” Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear (ENG+ITA) One big issue of mine is that I tend to compare myself to others. I…

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Why I’ll never go back to a “normal” wardrobe: benefits of a minimal wardrobe

(ENG only) A few days ago I was scrolling through and replying to comments on Youtube. Someone left a comment to the video where I explain why I no longer have a wardrobe/closet and how…

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