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Why you should always choose experiences over stuff to live a happier life

(ENG + ITA) Sometimes I hear people complaining about things like events, concerts, flights, exhibitions etc. being expensive. Money is something very personal: we all have different financial situations, different incomes, different necessities. But when this kind of comment comes from someone that gets a higher salary than mine, I…

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How to dress minimal in winter without adding bulk

(ENG only) Oh boy, it’s frosty out there! After a mild December and a slightly colder January, February has been hitting -C° temperatures many times already here in Berlin. But the sun has been shining a lot lately, so I don`t mind. But for sure one thing I`ve always hated…

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An important lesson I learned from the 30 Days Yoga Challenge

(ENG + ITA) On January 1st I started a 30 day yoga challenge. And not only I started it, but I`ve proudly completed it and sticked to it for an entire month. I know I haven’t run a marathon, but for an absolute lazy butt like I am/I can easily…

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Winter 10×10 2018 Recap

(ENG + ITA) A few days ago I completed this season`s 10×10 wardrobe challenge, created by Lee Vosburgh from Stylebee and co-hosted by Caroline Joy Rector from Unfancy. As someone who has been doing Project 333 capsule wardrobes for more than two years,

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Winter 10×10 wardrobe challenge

(ENG+ITA) I`ve been doing capsule wardrobes (following the Project 333 system) since end of Semptember 2015. This winter I haven`t been doing any proper capsule, because I am planning to shift from 4 capsules to only 2 per year, so I mostly kept on wearing what was already in my…

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