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Waiting for Spring 2018 Playlist

(ENG+ITA) Spring definitely kept us waiting this year, at least here in Berlin. Days are getting longer, the daylight peaks out earlier in the morning and says goodbye a bit later in the evening, and birds are singing more. The world is starting to

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A quick update

(ENG + ITA) Hello my dear friends. It’s been only a little over a week since I posted something here or on my channel, but it still feels like ages. These past couple of weeks,

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My 2018 bucket list

(ENG + ITA) A few days ago I had a really nice, long talk with one of my best friends, L. . We met after work and we had a couple of drinks while having one of those open heart talks. It was very much needed. We talked very long…

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Playlist Christmas 2017: what I’ve been listening to

(ENG+ITA) My favorite part of Christmas time is with no doubt Christmas music. It wouldn’t feel like Christmas without some festive music. I don’t consider myself religious, so I definitely don’t celebrate it for its true, religious meaning. But there’s something about its atmosphere that hooks me up every year, and…

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Playlist Autumn 2017: what I’ve been listening to

(ENG + ITA) Oh autumn, beautiful autumn. The first time you step on a carpet of colorful leaves. The first time you curl yourself up in your coat. The first time you taste anything with pumpkin. The first time when resting on the couch while reading sounds more appealing than…

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