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DIY dry shampoo

(ENG + ITA) Dry shampoo is probably the easiest, quickest DIY recipe you could possibly think of. For me dry shampoo has never been one of those absolute staples when it comes to toiletries, nevertheless I have found myself in the past going through a couple of phases in which…

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Sustainable travel: 10 tips

(ENG only) Last week I have attended the second edition of the Berlin Travel Festival, a beautiful weekend event dedicated to all things travel related. Travelers sharing their stories, brands and exhibitors, travel lovers and like minded people to connect and talk to and also a focus on sustainability, which…

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How to make your own swap party (and make it awesome)

(ENG+ITA) A few days ago I hosted my first ever swap event at my place. I had this idea in mind for a while so I thought I could just give it a shot. I was a bit nervous (I tend to be nervous about pretty much anything, so being…

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