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Zero Waste at work made easy, office edition

(ENG + ITA) I know that probably I’m not the only one that struggles with working in a not really eco-friendly work environment and that on the personal side though tries to live as sustainably as possible. It would be great to always have a work that is completely aligned…

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Why you should always choose experiences over stuff to live a happier life

(ENG + ITA) Sometimes I hear people complaining about things like events, concerts, flights, exhibitions etc. being expensive. Money is something very personal: we all have different financial situations, different incomes, different necessities. But when this kind of comment comes from someone that gets a higher salary than mine, I…

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1 year vegan

(ENG + ITA) 13th February marked a milestone for me: my first year being vegan! Can I call it “Veganiversary”? 🙂 If I look back, becoming and being vegan was one of those things I just would say about things like “I could never do it, I love cheese too…

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Why I’ll never go back to a “normal” wardrobe: benefits of a minimal wardrobe

(ENG only) A few days ago I was scrolling through and replying to comments on Youtube. Someone left a comment to the video where I explain why I no longer have a wardrobe/closet and how I store my clothes without owning one. The comment was “Geez you don’t have a…

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Food waste: how to prevent/ reduce it + “Sir Plus” shop in Berlin

(ENG/ITA) Christmas is a magical time. Everything feels possible. If we are lucky enough, we get to spend this time of the year with the loved ones, laughing, planning or dreaming about things we can do in the upcoming year, eating delicious treats, listening to xmas songs and feeling cuddled…

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