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Food waste: how to prevent/ reduce it + “Sir Plus” shop in Berlin

(ENG/ITA) Christmas is a magical time. Everything feels possible. If we are lucky enough, we get to spend this time of the year with the loved ones, laughing, planning or dreaming about things we can do in the upcoming year, eating delicious treats, listening to xmas songs and feeling cuddled…

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A few thoughts on Black Friday & how to be more conscious during holiday season

(ENG/ITA) “It’s not a good deal if you don’t need it.” There it is, that time of the year again. Gold glittery wrapping paper, christmas themed shopping windows and mid-season discounts reminds us that we are running out of time to buy the perfect gift. It’s a race:

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Random chats: life update and learning from mistakes

(ENG/ITA) Hello there. Hopefully this post finds you well. It seems like it’s been ages since I could sit down and write. Oh I’ve missed my mornings writing for my blog. It calms me in a way I didn’t know it was possible. I’ve been working like crazy in these…

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How to make oat milk: easy zero waste recipe!

(ENG/ITA) A quick blog post to share how I make oat milk at home! It’s easy and quick to make, it requires just 3 ingredients, it’s cheap and it is a great alternative to the store bought, plant based milk options. I started to make my own plant based milk…

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