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Coffees and breakdowns.

(ENG only) This is probably the hardest post I have ever thought of or ever written. And somehow the easiest. And scariest (I first wrote it on the 2nd April and never published it. Until now.). I don’t even know why exactly I am writing this, but it needs to…

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(ENG+ITA) Dear followers and readers, this quick post is to give you a little update on this blog, The Simplicity Diaries. After an incredible number of hours trying to figure stuff out (and

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Waiting for Spring 2018 Playlist

(ENG+ITA) Spring definitely kept us waiting this year, at least here in Berlin. Days are getting longer, the daylight peaks out earlier in the morning and says goodbye a bit later in the evening, and birds are singing more. The world is starting to

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A quick update

(ENG + ITA) Hello my dear friends. It’s been only a little over a week since I posted something here or on my channel, but it still feels like ages. These past couple of weeks,

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My 2018 bucket list

(ENG + ITA) A few days ago I had a really nice, long talk with one of my best friends, L. . We met after work and we had a couple of drinks while having one of those open heart talks. It was very much needed. We talked very long…

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