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I am RICH.

(ENG only) I am rich. Even if my bank account would prove otherwise. I am good at saving money and definitely have saved a lot over the past few years, but this doesn’t make me what it is considered to be “a rich person”. I am talking about another kind…

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Travel diary: 3 days in Prague

(ENG only) I had the chance to spend 3 days in beautiful Prague in April during the Easter break, so I thought I would share with you everything about my recent travel experience. This post wants to be a bit of a travel diary, a guide with some tips for…

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My simple pre-travel routine

(ENG only) It’s been a minute since I have been posting something here on the blog, has it? I won’t blabber too long on the what and why, so I’ll just highlight the fact that it feels good to be back at writing, which is probably my favorite part of…

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Sustainable travel: 10 tips

(ENG only) Last week I have attended the second edition of the Berlin Travel Festival, a beautiful weekend event dedicated to all things travel related. Travelers sharing their stories, brands and exhibitors, travel lovers and like minded people to connect and talk to and also a focus on sustainability, which…

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The Wardrobe Diaries #2 : minimalist winter packing

(ENG only) Traveling in winter can be a huge hassle: layers, big bulky clothes and boots definitely have a bigger volume compared to the easy breezy light clothes we pack when traveling in summer or to warm destinations. I used to think that the bulkier the clothes, the warmer I…

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