Minimalism and letting go

During my minimalist journey I have found easier and easier to declutter and let go of THINGS: clothes, accessories, books, various bits and bobs, kitchen tools and utensils, you name it. Even decluttering sentimental items like photographs and letters has become easier with the time. Unfortunately sometimes we have to…

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I am RICH.

(ENG only) I am rich. Even if my bank account would prove otherwise. I am good at saving money and definitely have saved a lot over the past few years, but this doesn’t make me what it is considered to be “a rich person”. I am talking about another kind…

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Does this spark joy?

(ENG only) It’s good to finally see the sun outside. To hear the birds happily chirping, the sky with its hints of blue and striped clouds, and to see the town waking up after days and days of gloomy, windy weather. This past weekend babe was out of town and…

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