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Why “less” really is more: 6 years of eco-minimalism | Perché “meno è meglio”: 6 anni di eco-minimalismo

Why minimalism is (still) the ultimate way of living.

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Easy ways to save energy at home

(ENG only) One of the payments that you have to make every month is your energy bill. But unlike rent or a mortgage, it is a payment that you can… View Post

Digital minimalism: using your phone more mindfully | Minimalismo digitale: usare lo smartphone in modo più consapevole

(ENG/ITA) When I was 14 years old I got my first mobile phone. It was an electric blue Sony Ericsson T10 and had to work hard for it: I had… View Post

Eco friendly cat care: a complete guide | Cura eco friendly del gatto: una guida completa

(ENG/ITA) Adopting my cat, Ziggy Stardust, was without a doubt the best decision ever and the highlight of my 2020. She has brought joy fluffiness and color to our home… View Post
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