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The wardrobe diaries #5: discovering sustainable fashion in Berlin with Green Fashion Tours

(this post is NOT sponsored. Just sharing some love.) “Buy less, choose well, make it last”. If you are on your journey for a more sustainable lifestyle, you might have heard this quote by Vivienne Westwood, the world famous fashion designer, before. This quote has become a motto for many…

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Coffees and breakdowns, 1 year later

It’s been a little over a year since my mental health “coming out”. More or less one year ago there I was, hesitant as I probably ever felt, pressing the “publish” button and letting my mental health story be out there for anyone else to read. A lot of things…

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Minimalism and letting go

During my minimalist journey I have found easier and easier to declutter and let go of THINGS: clothes, accessories, books, various bits and bobs, kitchen tools and utensils, you name it. Even decluttering sentimental items like photographs and letters has become easier with the time. Unfortunately sometimes we have to…

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How do trends affect our lives? (On intentional living and being present)

This is something that I have posted on Instagram a few days ago and that generated quite a lot of response, so I thought about sharing it here on the blog too, dear readers. This new “Face App” thing made me think about how technology and fleeting trends are taking…

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The wardrobe diaries #4: 5 ways to style a black jumpsuit (Japanese GoWeave Essential Jumpsuit by Everlane)

(ENG only) After banning myself from shopping and not buying anything for 6 months, I recently decided to introduce some new items in my wardrobe. I had a few things on my wishlist already and when Everlane kindly reached out to me to send me a couple of products, I…

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