This page is dedicated to some useful resources for you, dear readers. Here you will find books, documentaries, blogs and Youtube channels that can be helpful for your minimalist, sustainable journey.

(disclaimer: this section is constantly under construction, as I will be adding things as I discover them myself)


Minimalism / intentional living / decluttering / simple frugal living

  • Fumio Sasaki “Goodbye things”
  • Courtney Carver “Soulful simplicity”
  • Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus “Everything that remains”
  • Gretchen Rubin “The happiness project”
  • Joshua Becker “The more of less”
  • Marie Kondo “The life changing magic of tidying up”
  • Annie Raser Rowland & Adam Grubb “The art of frugal hedonism”
  • Anuschka Rees “The curated closet”
  • Meik Viking “The little book of hygge”
  • James Wallmann “Stuffocation”
  • Margareta Magnusson “The gentle art of Swedish death cleaning”
  • Gabriele Romagnoli “Solo bagaglio a mano” (ITA only)
  • Matt Haig “Notes on a nervous planet”

Sustainability / zero waste / conscious living / environmentalism / fast fashion

  • Bea Johnson “Zero waste home”
  • Elizabeth L. Cline “Overdressed: the shockingly high cost of cheap fashion”
  • Shia Su “Zero waste: simple life hacks to drastically reduce your waste”
  • William McCallum “How to Give Up Plastic: A Guide to Changing the World, One Plastic Bottle at a Time”
  • Jonathan Safran Foer “Eating animals”
  • Jonathan Safran Foer “We are the weather: saving the planet begins at breakfast”
  • Dana Thomas “Fashionopolis: the price of fast fashion and the future of clothes”
  • Madeleine Olivia “Minimal: how to simplify your life and live sustainably”
  • Marina Spadafora, Luisa Ciuni “La rivoluzione comincia dal tuo armadio” (ITA only)


Minimalism / intentional living / decluttering / simple frugal living

  • “Minimalism: a documentary about the important things”
  • “Happy”
  • “A simpler way: crisis as opportunity”

Sustainability /pollution / conscious living / environmentalism / veganism / fast fashion

  • “The true cost”
  • “Forks over knives”
  • “Cowspiracy”
  • “Food choices”
  • “A plastic ocean”
  • “What the health”
  • “Our planet”
  • “The game changers”
  • “Down to Earth with Zac Efron” (read a review here)

For additional info on some of these amazing documentaries, check out this video I made about the 5 must-watch documentaries to inspire minimalism, simple living and sustainability:



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