3 amazing vegan restaurants to try in Ubud, Bali

(ENG only) Balinese food. Oh boy. Bali has been a mind-blowing experience for many reasons and food is definitely one of them.

Balinese cuisine is simple but still flavorful, delicious and absolutely tasty, no matter if you’re having something salty, sweet, spicy or fruity. While I was in Ubud I had the chance to attend a cooking class in an organic farm and it was an amazingly fun experience: I learned more about balinese local ingredients and I could prepare all of the dishes myself. I loved it! Balinese food is not only very healthy and calls for a lot of simple, local ingredients but it’s also very easy to make vegan.

If you are vegan and you are going to Bali anytime soon, you definitely won’t have problems in finding delicious food, yay! Because of the abundance of vegan food available, it was impossible for me to make a complete vegan food guide… but in this short and sweet blog post I am going to share with you 3 amazing vegan places I found and tried (multiple times, eheheh) when I was in Ubud.


This is a small all-you-can-eat 100% plant based restaurant located in Jl. Hanoman. The place offers fresh and delicious vegan food of all sorts for a very cheap price. Babe approved it big time, so I recommend it to non vegans as well. Not particularly fancy and rather small, but offers a very genuine and local experience as also plenty of locals and people living there were stopping by. The average price for the buffet + a drink is the equivalent of around 5 €. Definitely worth the visit!



Also located on Jl. Hanoman, Veggie Karma is basically next door to Sawobali and also offers an all-you-can-eat type of meal. This is not entirely vegan, but the choice of food available is big and you can always ask the staff which ones are the vegan options available. Everything is really delicious, definitely worth the stop. Slightly pricier than Sawobali but still super cheap for European standards: buffet + drink are 5,50-6 €.


3.     TUKIES

Technically this is not a restaurant but a cafe that has several branches around Ubud and that serves vegan options too. But. Their fruit salad bowl with coconut ice cream is probably the most delicious ice cream bowl you’ll ever have. Just saying. Perfect for a snack or for a light meal, they serve their homemade coconut ice cream with fresh local fruit in a bowl made out of a coconut. Nuts and seeds to top everything off. Price is around 2,50€ (!!!) so I highly recommend it.


These are my personal top 3 recommendations for vegan food in Ubud, Bali. Let me know if you tried them already of you’re going to whenever you’ll visit Ubud!

Talk to you soon.





  1. A new place which I’ve become actually obsessed with is Pizza Cult in Ubud. Amazing food, great service, such a cute venue and really affordable. Also a great place to bring your laptop and work from!


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