Berlin Zero Waste Shopping Guide (updated Oct. 2019)

(ENG only) This post is long overdue. But I wanted to make sure that I had enough time to work on it and to make it as informative as possible for those who live in Berlin and want to start reducing their waste and for anyone who is going to…

Berlin offers a lot of eco-friendly options and I'm everyday grateful for this. I've put together a zero waste shopping guide featuring some markets and stores, their locations and what you can find there. All you need to do is keep your reusable bags and containers ready and bring them with you on your next shopping spree!

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Food waste: how to prevent/ reduce it + “Sir Plus” shop in Berlin

(ENG/ITA) Christmas is a magical time. Everything feels possible. If we are lucky enough, we get to spend this time of the year with the loved ones, laughing, planning or dreaming about things we can do in the upcoming year, eating delicious treats, listening to xmas songs and feeling cuddled…

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