DIY natural deodorant

(ENG only) I was making a new batch of my homemade deodorant the other day and I realized that I never have shared the recipe here on the blog before..! So there you go, today I am sharing what I consider so far to be my biggest accomplishment in terms of DIY recipes and zero waste swaps: deodorant.

I consider it my biggest accomplishment not only because I have been successfully using it for the past 2,5+ years and completely got rid of any unpleasant body smell, but also because a) it works also and especially on boiling hot days, so you don’t have to worry anymore about being the stinky person at work or on the bus or elsewhere and b) because it is “babe-approved”. Now, it might seem like nothing to you reading because you’re probably thinking “so what?”. But my partner was impressed when he tried it from the very first time. He works as an electrician and has to deal with lots of hard physical work and a lot of sweating on a daily basis at his workplace. He was skeptical at first but immediately changed his mind when he tested himself how effective this simple homemade product is.

Plus point: it takes no time to make it, it costs only a few cents per batch and it’s a fantastic sustainable and plastic free alternative!

(patting myself on the back and allowing myself to enjoy a bit of self-congratulation here, eheheheh).

Anyway, this recipe requires only 3 ingredients, the fourth is optional. If you are someone who has sensitive skin, you might want to give it a try first and see how it works for you, because the recipe contains baking soda, which is the ingredient that makes this deodorant antibacterial and odor effective. Please remember that this recipe will help you fight body odor but it won’t stop you from sweating! Perspiration is a natural function of the body, so this deodorant is not anti perspirant and is not going to block sweating (aluminum, which is the ingredient normally contained in most of drugstore deodorants, is toxic for the body, being identified as the cause for several diseases like breast cancer and bone disorders).

As for other DIY products, I like to make small batches and make it more frequently, as no preservatives are added and I’d rather make small quantities each time to be sure that the product won’t stay on my bathroom shelf forever before I use it up.

Here’s what you need (quantities are for a batch of products to be stored in a 30ml container):

  • 1 full tbsp coconut oil (if the coconut oil is fully melted, I use 2. This ingredient can be easily found in big glass containers)
  • 1,5 tsp baking soda (I buy it in bulk)
  • 2-3 tsp cornstarch (I buy it in bulk)
  • a few drops of essential oil of choice for a nice smell (I use lavender for me and lemon for my partner)
  • a mixing bowl
  • a small glass container/jar (I simply reuse small mini containers I already had at home that have a capacity of about 30ml each. I recommend glass over plastic because it is toxic free and will ensure a better conservation of the product. Plus it stays odor free and it’s easier to clean, reuse and recycle if needed).

(UPDATE 22.01.19: during very hot days or months, or if you’re going on holiday where you know it’s going to be very hot, you can try to use shea butter as a replacement for coconut oil because it has a higher melting point. Still haven’t tried this out yet but surely will give this a try when days will get warmer!! 🙂  )

Simply mix the ingredients together until they are fully combined. Pour the mixture into the container and you’re done!

You can adjust the product to the preferred consistency by simply adding a bit more cornstarch or oil. If it’s very hot, you can store the container in the fridge so the deodorant past will stay nice and fresh and thick and it will be easier and less messy for you to apply. Remember that you can also adjust it with a bit more or less baking soda according to your preferred levels of effectiveness and/or sensitivity.

When getting ready, simply stick the finger into the pot and apply the deodorant under the armpits like you would do with a cream. You don’t need to let it dry or anything, I just get dressed straight afterwards.

It might leave white casts on your clothes though, so be careful when getting dressed (but personally I had this issue all the time with any other deodorant ever used, so I don’t mind giving my clothes a quick wipe with a damp cloth if this happens).

Here’s the video I’ve posted a few months ago on my Youtube Channel on how to make this wonderful DIY deodorant:

Easy peasy right? Do you already make your own deodorant?



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