30 DAYS OF LESS: a simple guide for less stuff, less clutter, less stress. (+ free printable!)

(ENG only) 2019 is right around the corner and when a new year is about to begin, there is a chance for a fresh start right there in front of us. This year I am sharing with you something that hopefully will help you start the year with the right foot, with less stuff, less clutter and less stress. I’ve put together a little 30 days minimalism challenge that I’ve decided to call “30 DAYS OF LESS”. I know that there are some similar challenges out there already, but I really wanted to make my own version of it and try to help someone who is new to minimalism and needs a little guidance to move the first steps into it, someone who just needs some practical guidelines to get rid of some physical and mental declutter or inspire someone who is already familiar with minimalism and simple living and just wants to enjoy a month specifically dedicated to it to fully enjoy that wonderful feeling of “living light”.

Every day is dedicated to a different task or specific area of your life. And I’ve also prepared a free printable PDF guide to help you along the way.

Here’s what this 30 DAYS OF LESS challenge is about:

Declutter your space…

1) CLOTHES. Anything that you haven’t worn in at least 1 year because it doesn’t fit, it’s not comfortable, it’s not your style anymore and/or it’s damaged and cannot be fixed

2) UNDERGARMENTS. Bras, boxers, undies, socks etc. that don’t fit, are uncomfortable or worn out.

3) ACCESSORIES & JEWERLY. Hats, sunglasses, belts, scarves, watches, necklaces, rings etc. that are broken/worn out/damaged or simply you no longer wear, mismatched earrings etc.

4) SHOES. Uncomfortable, worn out (that cannot be repaired) or unused

5) BAGS. Purses, travel bags, wallets, pouches etc. (when tackling this category, clean out and reorganize your day bag as well and check it on a regular basis to keep it clutter free!)

6) BOOKS. Anything that you’ve read but it’s not an absolute favorite and/or that you’ve never read but kept anyways (paper or digital form)

7) MAGAZINES & NEWSPAPERS. Same as above

8) PAPERS, RECEIPTS, DOCUMENTS. Anything that it’s not important or you don’t need to keep anymore (go through them periodically to make sure that you don’t accumulate unnecessary papers & use a filing system to keep things organized)

9) ELECTRONICS, CHARGERS & CHORDS. All devices that don’t work, their related chargers and chords as well as those that you no longer use or know what they’re for (recycle these properly if you can’t sell or donate them!!)

10) DESK/NIGHTSTAND DRAWERS. (Empty everything out and reorganize them).

11) STATIONERY & NOTEBOOKS. (collect everything that belongs to this category from all over the house, so it will be easier for you to realize how much you own).

12) KITCHEN UTENSILS & APPLIANCES. (Keep only the things that you use to cook on a regular basis).

13) PANTRY, FRIDGE, FREEZER. Expired or gone bad goods, food that you don’t enjoy (donate what’s still edible and compost what’s compostable, if possible)

14) VARIOUS HOUSEHOLD SUPPLIES/APPLIANCES. Medicines, bed linens, towels, pillows, blankets, tools, furniture, car, etc.

(feel free to use this category as you please)

15) CLEANING SUPPLIES. (Use non toxic products that can be multipurpose).

16) TOILETRIES & BEAUTY PRODUCTS. Skincare products, shower products, make up, hair products etc. that you don’t use or don’t work well for you (you don’t need much to look good! 🙂 Keep only what you love using and works for you)

17) JUNK DRAWER. (Try to assign its content to any of the above categories to avoid excess clutter in the future).

18) PERSONAL KEEPSAKES & HOBBY ITEMS. Things that no longer spark joy or no longer make you happy

…and declutter your mind

19) COMPUTER. Clean up your desktop, declutter and organize all the folders

20) APPS. Everything on your phone/tablet that you don’t use or need anymore

21) CONTACTS, ACCOUNTS, EMAILS, SUBSCRIPTIONS. Everything that no longer serves a purpose

22) PHOTOS ON YOUR PHONE. Go through the entire photo gallery on your phone and delete the ones that are not important. Make a backup of the ones who are.

23) TODAY’S SCHEDULE. Clean out your schedule for the day or let go of at least 1 thing from your to-do list

24) DON’T BUY ANYTHING TODAY. Avoid any unnecessary purchases by not spending any money today

25) STAY OFFLINE. Disconnect for the entire day

26) GRATITUDE. Write down at least 5 things you are grateful for

27) MEDITATATION. Meditate for at least 15 minutes or do some deep and mindful breathing. Relax and unwind

28) MINDFUL SPENDING. Make a thorough evaluation of your spending habits and see if there’s something that you can do without or do better at

29) ME TIME. Enjoy some time for yourself to de-stress

30) NATURE. Spend some time outside in nature to recharge and feel refreshed and energized


You can download the printable PDF checklist that I’ve made with the recap of all the 30 tasks to tackle to complete this 30 days of less challenge! You can download it here:

30 DAYS OF LESS printable pdf guide


Do 1 thing every day for 30 days. That’s it! 🙂

Here’s a few tips that will help you throughout the whole duration:

  • take your time. If you feel like certain tasks require more focus and time, don’t get frustrated if you can’t finish everything in one day and simply take your time.
  • donate as much as possible and/or resell. In order to avoid an incredible amount of waste, make sure to donate the things that you no longer like, use or need to someone who will be happy to welcome them into their lives. Ask family members, friends and of course don’t forget organizations that help the less fortunate. You can also sell some of these things online, in consignment shops or local flea markets. Remember that someone’s trash can become someone else’s treasure.
  • don’t give up. If you’ve never been through a proper decluttering process, it probably won’t be easy peasy, but hey that’s what challenges are for, right? So “when you feel like quitting, remember why you started”.
  • do it your way. You can 100% stick to the guidelines I’ve made and follow the exact same order or pick tasks randomly from the list. You can listen to music to pump up your spirit or do everything quietly so you can stay better focused. You do it your way, there is no right or wrong way of doing this, so have fun and make this challenge your own. Also, feel free to start anytime or to make this challenge as many times as you like or need.
  • don’t focus on numbers. Remember that minimalism is not about having only 100 items or less. The point is to keep the things you love and get rid of everything that causes you distraction or discomfort or doesn’t serve a purpose.

You can start January 1st or anytime you wish. Will you be joining? If yes, feel free to share with me your progress and achievements during your challenge using the hashtag #30daysofless on Instagram and Facebook. Good luck! ❤





  1. Happy New Year Jenny.
    I love this post. Another kind of minimalism game. Thanks for the list, really help me to go through each and every category. What a way to start the year.


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