Everything in its right place.

(ENG+ITA) Have you ever experienced one of those moments in which everything seems “amplified”? In which sounds, movements, objects seem to happen and look slower than normal? No, I am not talking about stuff that happens with psychedelic drugs, but simply about those beautiful moments in which you are incredibly present. In which everything that happens gets captured, absorbed, inhaled, assimilated. These are the moments in which the mindfulness is at its max, and we realize that we are 100% present, right in the moment. Lately I have been back to practicing yoga every day (sometimes even twice a day) and this really helps me being more present and less distracted by thoughts and worries. But these “slo-mo” experiences I am talking about are different. These are the moments that really imprint on us for the sensations that they give us, for the authenticity and uniqueness through which we perceive them. It happened to me a few days ago and it actually hasn’t happened to me in a while, the last time was in Bali (of the various slo-mo moments, the best is surely watching the sunrise on top on mount Batur  🤩). I was walking down the stairs to go from one subway line to the other. Radiohead’s “Idioteque” playing in my headphones. While I am about to get onto the train that has just arrived at the end of the line and is about to depart in the opposite direction, a small stream of people that is getting off the train “runs over me”. And right in that moment it seemed like everything was going in slow motion. That I was and am exactly where I am supposed to be and want to be. That after years trying to be different and fighting against myself, I surrendered and am ready to be simply ME. That sometimes all you have to do is wait patiently and learn to love yourself for who you are and the universe will reward you. That, after struggling and working hard, I am finally going towards what’s right for me. That no matter what’s going to happen, things will work out fine in the end. So right there, in an incredibly ordinary moment, while I was making my way into the little crowd and was getting on the subway train, everything seemed extraordinary to me. And I couldn’t help myself but smile.


Ogni cosa al suo posto. 

Avete mai vissuto uno di quei momenti in cui tutto sembra “amplificato”? In cui suoni, movimenti, oggetti, sembrano accadere ed apparire più lentamente del normale? No, non sto parlando di qualche esperienza con droghe psichedeliche, ma semplicemente di quei bellissimi momenti in cui si è incredibilmente presenti. In cui tutto quello che succede viene captato, assorbito, inspirato, assimilato. Quelli sono i momenti in cui la mindfulness è al massimo, in cui ci accorgiamo che siamo presenti al 100%. Ultimamente sono tornata a praticare yoga ogni giorno (a volte anche due volte al giorno), pratica che mi aiuta ad essere più presente e meno distratta da ansie e pensieri. Ma questi episodi quasi al rallentatore sono diversi. Sono momenti che si imprimono in noi proprio per la sensazione che ci lasciano, per l’autenticità e l’unicità con cui li percepiamo. A me è successo l’ultima volta qualche giorno fa e non mi succedeva da un po’, l’ultima volta è stato a Bali (un momento su tutti è stato guardare il sorgere del sole dalla cima del vulcano Batur 🤩). Stavo percorrendo le scale per passare da una linea metro all’altra. In cuffia “Idioteque” dei Radiohead. Mentre sto raggiungendo i vagoni della metro appena arrivata al capolinea e pronta a ripartire nella direzione opposta in pochi minuti, un piccolo fiume di persone che scende dai vagoni “mi investe”. E proprio in quel momento, mi è sembrato che tutto andasse a rallentatore. Che io ero e sono esattamente dove devo e voglio essere. Che dopo anni ad aver cercato di essere diversa ed aver combattuto contro me stessa, mi sono arresa ad essere semplicemente ME. Che a volte basta saper aspettare ed imparare ad amarsi per come siamo e l’universo saprà premiarci. Che dopo aver faticato tanto, finalmente sto andando lentamente nella direzione giusta. Che non importa cosa accadrà, alla fine le cose troveranno il modo di andare bene. E così proprio lì, in un momento incredibilmente ordinario, mentre mi facevo strada tra la gente e salivo sulla metro, tutto mi è sembrato straordinario. Ed io non ho potuto fare a meno di sorridere.



  1. Omg, I’m so jealous that you’re doing Yoga 2 x a day. I can barely get in 2 x a week! That’s great that you’re feeling content w/your life and that you’re seeing everything as it is and that you’re content with it. That might be the mind body connectedness that you’re feeling w/the Yoga.

    Hope you’re doing well darling!


    • it’s nice to hear from you Shelbi! yes, I don’t always manage to do it twice a day, but I always try to do it first thing in the morning so I have no excuse. I’m really trying to make self care a priority and this helps me immensely. I hope you’re able to find a way to incorporate more yoga into your routine Shelbi! And hope you’re doing well! xoxo


  2. Yesssss. I’ve had that same feeling, although I’m sure our experiences are different but I understand which “experience” you’re talking about here. It’s been a while though, since it seems so easy to get lost in the minutes, hours and days of this fast paced world.
    Yoga is awesome. If we manage just to set aside time, it’s an amazing way to be there by ourselves, for ourselves. It’s probably one of the best gifts we can give ourselves.
    I’m so happy you found the time to do yoga. I’ve started this month too, with the 30 days yoga challenge (Yoga with Adrienne) and I have really really enjoyed it.
    I like the way you wrote about “stopped fighting yourself and letting things just be” – in the end universe will deliver.
    Thank you for sharing your recent “slo-mo” experience with us on this post.


    • ❤ ❤ ❤ currently following the 30 days of yoga of Adriene too (I started a bit later since I was used to make my practice by choosing random videos from her channel every day and started later on in January with her Dedicate series, depending oh how I was feeling), I’ve just completed day 15 and I feel great. Yes, yoga is a great gift and it’s teaching me how valuable this time that I take for myself on the mat is valuable. I am valuable. And starting the day with a yoga practice makes me happier and more grateful!


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